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Private: Vip Disneyworld Park Tour

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Private: Vip Disneyworld Park Tour

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Private: Vip Disneyworld Park Tour - Private: Vip Disneyworld Park Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Make the most of your day by using a professional 'kid' to facilitate your wishes.

If you really want to enjoy this special experience with your family, let us facilitate it all and guide you from one spectacle to the next!

A Disney visit can be life-changing, and not always in a good way. There's lots to see - many to satisfy - lines too long - food a hassle - crabby meltdowns. You can pick any one of these or the hundreds of other reasons why what should be highlight in your life and that of any children involved can turn into a mess.

So with help from our facilitator, we move you to the highlights that you specify and remove the obstacles that you never thought about. With your private park guide, you can let someone else worry about the logistics while you receive assistance with navigating these popular parks and enjoy minimized wait times on rides.
No need to figure out where everything is - all you have to do is ask!

We begin the day as early as possible. Getting you to your preferred park an hour before the crowds is essential to delivering that 'white glove service'. Whether you have your own transportation or need ours - not a problem. You will let us know your preferences when you make your booking and any additions, changes, or last-minute ideas will be addressed as soon as we hear.

You can expect to experience every ride on your list, meet all of your favorite characters and get the best seats at all of the parades and shows. Simply put, we have the best Disney tour guides in the industry who go above and beyond to make sure your vacation is the "best trip ever!" Our goal is to simplify it all by taking the role of assistant, nanny, errand person or whatever else you need.

You can expect to experience 10 to 12 attractions during your 8-hour stay.

This Disney World excursion offers choice of:
Magic Kingdom Park
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

- Each group of 8 people will have one guide. If you require transportation, the vehicle size will hold up to 7 people.
- Please dress comfortably for the weather with walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen as most of the day is spent in the sun.
- Your admission fees are not included but your guide can facilitate this in advance of your arrival.

- Pricing varies based on high season/low season. High season pricing applies to the following: January 1st - 6th, February 11th - 23rd, All of March, All of April, October 10th - 27th, November 22nd - 30th, and December 19th - 31st.
- Each VIP experience is limited to one park.
- If your group is larger than 8 people, we will assign 2 guides for a better service, which will require a second booking.
- Number of attractions is based on popularity and season. The most we expect to wait for any ride is 15 to 20 minutes.
- Car service recommendations will be made if you need transportation.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:00 AM, duration: 6 hours
  • 08:30 AM, duration: 6 hours
  • 09:00 AM, duration: 6 hours