Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

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  Start by watching the demo video on the home page. Then, click the Start Exploring button on the home page.

If you've got one or more destinations in mind already, then click the All Areas box to unselect every destination, and then click your destinations to select those.

Then, if there are characteristics you absolutely have to have wherever you go (e.g. spa, scuba diving, etc.) select those.

Sample choices will appear in the photo gallery at right. You can click on any of the sample choices to learn more about that particular place, add it to your Favorites, or find more places similar to that one to explore.

What's my Favorites List?

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  This is just a way to keep track of places you really like, and show them all on a map at the same time. You can add notes to each one too, if you like, to help you remember questions you want to ask your travel agent, or things you've heard or read about that place.

Why do I have to register?

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  You only have to register if you want us to keep a Favorites list for you.

The only reason we even need your email address is so that if you forget your password, we can email it to you--and know we didn't give the password to the wrong person. We don't have a mailing list, and we don't share your registration information with anyone.

What does this cost me?

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  Our planning tool is free.

We hope that you'll give our travel specialists the opportunity to help you book your trip, and if you do, they will get a commission paid by the hotels and/or wholesalers. Our prices are competitive with what you'd find online if you booked it yourself--and, we can usually match any price you find anywhere else.

Why should I use your travel agents?

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  The travel agents we work with are experienced specialists, who've been to the destinations that they specialize in many times, and know what each place 'feels like' first-hand.

And typically, our agents can match prices you find online or through other agents, so it doesn't cost you any extra to have an expert helping you plan your trip.

How do I know what each place costs?

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  Start by finding places that really suit your style, then show those to our travel agents. They'll talk with you about your budget, and if the places you like best aren't within your budget, they will suggest other properties (maybe even ones we don't list yet) that are similar but less expensive.

How do you use my personal information?

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  Really, just for your login so you can manage your Favorites list. If you also request help from a specific travel agent, we'll share just what you put in that form with the travel agent, plus give them access to your Favorites list if you choose that option in the form.

Where did you get all these great photos etc.?

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  The images, videos, virtual tours, etc. nearly all come from the hotels themselves. We do have some photos we've taken ourselves, and some that are taken by some of our travel partners, and they're all marked with the correct copyright notice below each image.