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Piper Fenton   Meet Piper, one of our travel experts for Curaçao.

Piper is the founder of honeymoon specialty travel company Remarkable Honeymoons, and an award-winning agent with almost 30 years experience. She's a Virtuoso agent, and winner of WeddingWire's Couples Choice awards every year from 2014-2022. She is well versed in international travel after having visited dozens of countries in her career, and also through her studies abroad living in both Mexico and France. From the Orient Express, to tenting in Nepal, to flying the Concord, she's had many wonderful travel experiences.

Jeep Safari

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Jeep Safari

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Jeep Safari - Jeep Safari. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Toughen up and see the rugged side of Curacao!

This island is my favorite (don't tell the others!). Rich in culture AND nature, it has everything.

Though the paved roads are lovely, Curacao has a wild side to it. This tour, which is part off-road, is a guided, yet adventurous, way to explore that wild side and discover new places you have never seen before. First comes your intro and safety briefing with instructions by your guide/driver in reference to driving in open vehicles, and then, prepared, you will head out with your guide.

Your 4 x 4 adventure begins meekly, but quickly heads for those areas, including Christoffel National Park, that can give you a thrill. On your way, you will see the Flamingo Sanctuary in the Jan Kok area. This strange crowd of long-legged birds has a tendency to gather here in the shallows. The park itself has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find the park teeming with local birds and plants, including species that are not easily seen elsewhere on the island. You will be taking the "Orchid Route," a route on which only park rangers are normally allowed to drive. At Seru Bientu, you will have an amazing view over the island and will experience Curacao nature in its most unique way.

This combination of beautiful nature and some historical sites from the time of the slave trade and huge slave plantations gives you a cross-cultural view of the history of Curacao. We will also travel through an off-road area filled with orchids, birds of prey, and sometimes even deer. Other highlights of the tour are some amazing views--some of them more than 1,000 feet above sea level. This is a MUST-DO adventure.

- This tour includes a stop for lunch at a local restaurant. The price of lunch is NOT included in this tour. The restaurant does not accept credit or debit cards, only cash. USD are accepted but please know that there is not an ATM.
- This is NOT a self-driving tour. You will have a driver/guide.
- We suggest that you bring sunscreen, a hat, and a camera/video camera.
- This is both a paved and off-road tour.
- Each Jeep holds up to 8 guests.
- The Jeep Safari portion of this tour is about 3 hours.

- This tour is not recommended for pregnant women or those with back problems.
- Guests should be able to walk over uneven ground and on steps and stairs.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:50 AM, duration: 6 hours Length includes transfer time.