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Rocks Walking Tour

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Daily Tour

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Daily Tour - Rocks Walking Tour. Just a spacer

There is no better way to get up close and personal with the living history and heritage of Sydney than on foot with Sydney's foremost team of friendly and enthusiastic guides at The Rocks Walking Tours.

The Rocks may be Sydney's oldest neighbourhood but it's lost none of its zest for life.

The stories are alive in the sandstone!

Let our experienced guides entertain you with these lively tales from our colourful Past while enjoying the ambience of our vibrant Present.

The Rocks Walking Tours has long been introducing travellers and locals alike to the fascinating story of this unique place in Sydney's history.

Hear how The Rocks was inhabited by that First Fleet of convicts arriving as they did into Sydney Cove in 1788 thus impacting forever on the local Indigenous people's way of life.

Up onto the rocky land that human cargo was disgorged and so began the British Australian story.

We would delight in sharing with you this story of triumph over tragedy and introduce the characters from this early convict settlement era.

The story unfolds with many rich accounts of the antics of sailors, larrikins and rogues as they roamed the rugged rocks seeking the haunts of entertainment and friendly company.

Still to be seen today are the storehouses, pubs and working class cottages from the time when this place took on all of the characteristics of a dockside area and a disease ridden slum.

Today, The Rocks is renowned for having the oldest streets in Sydney which are dotted with beautifully restored nineteenth century buildings.

Our groups weave their way through hidden narrow alleyways, along charming cobbled lanes and into shady courtyards, linger by quaint terrace cottages and visit a gothic church. These enjoyable aspects of a visit to The Rocks could be easily overlooked by the casual unguided visitor.

Our exclusive tour service within The Rocks conducts Daily Tours and aims to provide a memorable walking tour experience for all visitors to Sydney.

Information regarding our tour times, departure point & costs for our Daily Tours can be found at How, Where & When

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The Rocks holds a unique place in Sydney's colonial history and is considered to be the birthplace of European Australia situated, as it is on the western shoreline of Sydney Cove.

In January 1788 a fleet of 11 British ships safely moored in Sydney Cove. The fleet carried a human cargo of convict exiles doomed to live out their prison terms in this alien land and so began the fascinating story of the founding of a nation.

On this rocky peninsula, convicts replaced the traditional way of life of the Indigenous inhabitants, the Cadigal people.

With Sydney developing into a port city, The Rocks took on all the characteristics of a dockside area, welcoming the sailors of the world to the haunts of entertainment and friendly company.

Today, The Rocks village has retained its unique heritage qualities nestled as it is beneath the dominance of Sydney's Harbour Bridge in a spectacular picturesque, harbourside location. The ambiance and setting of The Rocks is enhanced by the preservation of the heritage buildings and streets of nineteenth century Sydney.

Visitor's and locals alike find within this setting of beautifully restored buildings a cosmopolitan vibrant place offering the finest restaurants and cafes, friendly pubs, exclusive shopping , street festivities, museums and galleries.

The Rocks is an essential visitor destination and promises to be a memorable Sydney experience. Come and linger amongst the many reminders of our intriguing past while leisurely strolling along our present historic streets, cobbled alleys and narrow laneways browsing and discovering the delightful shops and charming cafes only to be found in The Rocks.