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Camp Fire and Cocktails

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End another exciting day of exploring with the sun setting, a cocktail around a social fireplace and share your stories before a candlelit dinner prepared by our Maasai chef, Patita.

Maasai Mara The Leleshwa Camp Experience

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A video introducing Leleshwa Camp and the diverse experience that it offers from the Maasai Mara


Leleshwa Camp is situated on Siana Community Conservation Area, just outside of the Masai Mara Game Reserve which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a range of other safari activities in addition to those permitted in the reserve itself, like night game drives.

The camp design projects elegance and style in a relaxed environment and blends in harmoniously with the majestic landscape. Guests are hosted by the owners for whom camp is home and we aspire to offer you a truly authentic African Safari experience. Yet a stay with us is not only about comfort; it is about discovery and exploration. No two days at Leleshwa Camp need ever be the same, yet all hold the promise of adventure. You determine the pace of your stay with us and we will tailor your safari activities to your personal preference.

The thrill of leaving camp at dawn on a game drive in search of big cats is only equaled by the constant stimulation of your senses with the sights, smells and sounds of the Masai Mara. The scent of rain begins to draw the Wildebeest Migration from The Serengeti throughout July, and soon the planet's greatest animal migration is underway. The sight of the migration is staggering - an endless grey river of wildebeest mottled with black and white as zebras join the throng that stretches from one horizon to the other.

As the morning sun's golden glow tinges the horizon, rise above the world on an enthralling Hot Air Balloon Ride across untamed vistas and enjoy a birds eye view of nature unfolding.

The Loita Hills hosts the Masai Purko clan and their 200kmĀ² Sacred Forest which features cedar, podo and strangler fig trees, breathtaking waterfalls and spectacular birdlife in rare settings. The areas in which we walk are inaccessible to vehicles and the wilderness is relatively untouched. Your Masai guide is from the local region and has an intimate knowledge of the flora and fauna. Donkeys are used to carry the light weight camp to our base which is located deep within the forests close to natural springs and hippo pools.

Your hiking safari is a privately guided safari and tailored for your parties needs. Your route will be designed based on you physical abilities and interests. Our two night hiking safari in the Loita Hills is a delightful experience even for the most well traveled adventurer. The Loita Hills offers an exciting add-on to your stay at Leleshwa Camp and we invite you to share this natural treasure with us.