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Baros Maldives

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Aerial View of Baros Maldives

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Aerial View of Baros Maldives - Baros Maldives. Copyright Baros Maldives.

The islands are grouped in 26 natural atolls, ring-like coral formations enclosing a massive central lagoon, which gives the Maldives its unique paradise-like appearance.

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At Baros you will find service dedicated to the desires of each guest, architecture that celebrates and preserves the beauty of nature, and luxurious, intimate villas created with natural materials such as wood, stone and coconut thatch.

Baros was chosen to be a special resort because it was small, unspoilt and idyllically located in the centre of the atoll, with its own reef encircling a pristine lagoon and untouched sandy shores. To conserve the island's intrinsic beauty, the Maldivian family who leased it from the government and still operate it today, resolved to keep Baros pure.

Accommodation at first consisted of 56 beds in round cabanas with conical-shaped palm thatched roofs and rough coral walls. There was no air-conditioning. By 1983 the resort had expanded to 100 beds but even then only some of the rooms were air-conditioned. Ten years later 12 wooden, thatched octagonal cottages built on columns over the lagoon were added.

Because of the inherent hospitality of Maldivians, from its opening the resort gained a reputation for its friendly informality and caring, personalised service. Over four decades this has been enhanced with attention to detail, leading to Baros Maldives becoming the hallmark of top quality Maldivian holiday hospitality.

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Review date:   January 30, 2018 6:13AM
Review:   baros is number 1 resort everything is perfect
Author:   Ahmed Nashid
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   September 4, 2017 11:19AM
Review:   This place became a fantastic place much better than before , every thing in order : the accommodation , services .. etc. really looked after to keep it fantastic .. I can say it is a 7 star accommodation ,Many thanks to the owner & to all the staff as well .
Author:   Saeed Alzaabi
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   November 13, 2017 12:40PM
Review:   AMAZING !!!! INCREDIBLE !!! Hello, It took me a while to recover from the amazing honeymoon that we get on Baros Maldives in May. We have stayed in a Beach Bungalow (116 room) for 8 nights on B&B basis. Well at Baros we have been welcomed by Shuhan, resort manager and Monika our villa guest. Cold towels were provided on the boat and also in the reception area and of course 2 glasses of prosecco. So refreshing. After 30 minutes we have done together with Monika the island-tour ( 10 minutes :) ) and where amazed about how is the island. Very small and full of luxuriant vegetation and palms. All the island alley were incredible and swiped everyday. You could walk with out any shoes on that sand alleys. After the tour, we have been presented our beach villa which was incredible. The room was very very nice equipped with a nice furniture. The bath was incredible and the outdoor shower is amazing. My wife has fell in love after this outdoor bath. The terrace was very nice and then we had 3 steps, 3 meters of sand and then the water. Oh my god, the water which was incredible. So clear, so turquoise so beautiful. We have go for swim from the first minutes :D The weather was so nice (period 23rd of May - 31st of May 2013) Let's start with the island, it's the perfect island for honeymooners :D So quietly, so much privacy. Everything was perfect in order to have an incredible honeymoon. All 3 restaurants have a great food and also they have a great staff. All the staff members are friendly and everyone is smiling at you. The bijoux restaurant (as Monika said) - Lighthouse - is from another world. We have ate 2 times and the food was marvelous. As already many people said, the prices are a little bit high at this restaurant but also the food was very tasty and service too. We think that those 2 nights when we have ate at Lighthouse, literally near to the ocean, were the most romantic dinners that we had in our life :) Thank you for this!!! We have spent also 3 incredible moments at Lighthouse lounge under the full moon (we have been told that we had an incredible luck to see the full moon up in the sky :D). Those cocktails were fabulous with those little Canapés served everytime with a short story from the waiters. Smoke cocktails are very good. Cayenne restaurant is another great place where you can eat. The entrees are very very good with that bread cooked in-house and those small salads. The food is incredible and very well cooked. I don't how it's been doing this, but all the waiters are paying so much attention to you that is incredible. Every time is someone around to you in order to ask something, but in the same way, you have your privacy without any discussion. Amazing! The Lime restaurant is also a very nice place where you can eat and we had enjoyed so much the breakfast. It was absolutely amazing to wake up in the morning and go to Lime where again all the staff is so pleasant and serve breakfast. The breakfast is so good with many things to eat, though we had our favorite: waffles with maple syrup - simply brilliant. Also the chef who mad our eggs every morning that he start to learn our preferences, again simply brilliant. Thanks again for this :) The reef is amazing with a fantastic life underwater, especially after you get out from the walls. We have also seen the turtle which was a very nice surprise :) The baby sharks were all over, however I've go out from the water everytime as my wife didn't like them :)) Another amazing night that we spend besides the ones at restaurants and on Lighthouse lounge was at Sails Bar where we had enjoyed live music by a locally band and of course the great and tasty cocktails. I can write so much about this honeymoon, but I will try to stop now :D and let you guys enjoy other moment in Baros Maldives. We have spent the most wonderful time in our life and for sure we will comeback sometime. Thanks all of you for everything. This honeymoon was AMAZING !!!!!!!!! traveled as couple - honeymoon - from Bucharest, Romania 23rd of May - 31st of May 2013
Author:   Andrei Bugeanu
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   November 25, 2017 3:33PM
Review:   I wish to live there forever , I never forget my vacation there
Author:   Rashad Ujaimi
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   March 15, 2017 11:11PM
Review:   Baros Maldives is a ruby in the Indian Ocean. The pristine waters of the Indian Ocean shimmer around this isle which is famous for its five star luxury accommodation. It has won awards for its graceful luxury and paradise-like sensation here. It has inevitably become one of the top five Maldivian luxury resorts as an experience here shall be an inexplicably remarkable one that would never leave your mind. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the gorgeous private gardens while sipping your morning coffee?? Or if you would like to work out, then welcome to the fitness centre.
Author:   Badruddeen Naseem
Rating (out of 3 stars):