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Tsavo West National Park

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Finch Hattons is located in Tsavo West National Park which combined with neighbouring Tsavo East forms Kenya's largest National Park – and one of the largest in Africa.

It's entire ecosystem constitutes 10 million acres of pure, untouched wilderness, encompassing open savannah, riverine and montane forests and freshwater springs. A dominant feature of Tsavo West is the jet-black lava outcrop known locally as Sheitani (devil) Winding through the hills and peppered with caves, Sheitani is a reminder of the volcanic forces that brought Tsavo into being.

It is this massive scale that sets Tsavo apart from Kenya's other National Parks and Reserves. Exploring the park from Finch Hattons you will rarely see another vehicle or any other sign of human presence as you track game.


Denys Finch Hatton was one of Kenya's great adventurers. He devoted his life to exploring the wild in style. In his camp, dinner was served on fine china with silver and crystal, while the gentle strains of Mozart played in the background. Here in Tsavo West National Park, where he lived and died, this tradition lives on.

Privately owned and managed, Finch Hattons is one man's dream to create an ideal, offering guests a unique opportunity to relive the golden era of the safari with elegance, first class comforts and the finest cuisine surrounded by the spectacle of the great African wilderness.

Finch Hattons lies at the heart of Tsavo West National Park - part of Kenya's single largest game park.

Finch Hattons' 35 acre concession sits on the south western edge of Tsavo West. A green oasis fed by an underground spring that pumps a constant supply of water into three pools before disappearing back into the volcanic earth. These pools are home to a resident pod of hippopotamus who spend their days wallowing in the shallows and their nights grazing around the camp. Crocodiles and a healthy population of terrapins and monitor lizards are often seen sunning themselves at the water's edge while a wide variety of game has been sighted in and around the camp which is unfenced so the animals come and go as they please. Bird life at Finch Hattons is spectacular with over 200 locally recorded species.

Yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea trees surround the tents which are beautifully located and offer comfortable and stylish accommodation in an idyllic setting. Many boast spectacular views directly overlooking the hippo pools and springs.

Tsavo is known for it's herds of "red elephants", their skins stained by the ochre dust and mud. The park is home to over 12000 elephant – one of the largest populations in East Africa. Other commonly seen species include giraffe, zebra, eland, buffalo, impala, hartebeest, bushbuck, wildebeest and many more.

An easy hour's drive from the camp is Mzima Springs, where a gushing supply of fresh, crystal clear water has created an oasis for wildlife. It is home to several pods of hippo, crocodile and shoals of barbell and catfish. A specially constructed underwater observatory provides visitors with a unique view into the underwater world of Mzima.

The best time to see game around Finch Hattons is early morning and late afternoon. Our morning and afternoon game drives and nature walks offer the best opportunities for spotting game but also give visitors the chance to witness the stunning African dawn or sunset.