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I specialize in creating combination tours with multiple destinations e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam combo, within a region, all inter linked smoothly, convenient and affordable routing. Of course, I will also book a single destination of your choice. My formal background is a BS in Biological Science, and MA in education/administration and an MFA in Fine Arts, UCLA. I have held several Assistant Professorships, as well as a career Painter and Writer of Plays which have been produced and represented in Hawaii and Asia. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing and Oh Yes...TRAVEL!


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Krabi lies along the coast of the Andaman Sea in Southern Thailand, 800 kilometers south of Bangkok. A growing destination, Krabi is the perfect choice for those looking for relaxation and soft adventure due to the area's plentiful natural attractions which include white sand beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, caves and waterfalls.

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Responsibility, Sustainability, Community

Rayavadee is situated in the heart of Krabi's beautiful Phranang Peninsula on the border of Krabi Marine National Park, an area renowned for its natural beauty and rich flora, fauna and marine life. When the resort was built more than two decades ago, it was with the idea of living in balance within this unique environment. The accommodation was constructed to nestle in between the property's many trees, none of which were cut during the process, in order to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. With the resort's low-key approach to building, the habitat of the area's many varieties of birds and animals was not disturbed. In addition, we employ a number of practices to reduce the negative impact on our surroundings with a focus on sustainable water and waste management as well as energy efficiency.

As Krabi has developed rapidly for tourism in recent years and visitor numbers have increased dramatically, keeping this balance has become an even more important challenge and our commitment to environmental sustainability and to working as a member of the local community has grown stronger. We regularly organize and participate in beach cleaning, mangrove planting and marine life repopulation activities. We are also proud to be a founding member of the Enlive Foundation, which was initiated in 2009 to bring together governmental agencies, local businesses and community members to raise awareness of the need to protect Krabi's fragile ecosystem.

As part of the Premier Group of Companies, we have a strong and longstanding commitment to our staff, our community and for those in need in our society and we actively support and donate a portion of our annual profit to these causes and to own company-run charitable organizations, Pan Kan, Food4Good and the Yuvabhadhana children's scholarship fund. Explore this page to learn more about who we are and about our philosophy of sustainable business practices.