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The Lodge at Kukui'ula

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Why Kukui'ula?

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Why Kukui'ula? - The Lodge at Kukui'ula. Copyright The Lodge at Kukui'ula.

The name Kukui`ula is derived from an ancient south shore practice here on Kaua`i. The burning of kukui nut oil to create a navigational beacon was cared for through the night; guiding Pacific voyagers and fisherman home. Today, this light symbolically shines bright, beckoning guests to journey to our island to find themselves anew. May the spirit and light of Kaua'i guide you well. Welcome home.


The minute you arrive at The Lodge at Kukui’ula on the south shore of Kaua'i, you learn quickly that there’s nowhere else that compares – in Hawai’i, or the world. In this haven of barefoot luxury, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to the sprawling amenities of The Club at Kukui'ula with our nightly luxury vacation rentals in Poipu Kaua'i. Three Club Neighborhoods with elegant homes featuring authentic plantation-style architecture meander down a tree lined drive towards The Club; a third enclave of contemporary Hawaiian villas overlook the private golf course and perfect ocean views.

You’ll learn that food tastes better, community feels stronger, family feels closer, and time moves slower, when you’re in a place where your time is all your own.

From once-in-a lifetime adventures with the Huaka’i Outfitters, to relaxation at the Hi’ilani Spa, or simply soaking in your family in the Pacific’s most spectacular setting, at The Lodge at Kukui’ula, you’ll learn what it means to truly live.

The Lodge at Kukui’ula offers three neighborhoods of vacation homes to suit your needs. Choose one bedroom or four, add a guest cottage or opt for a private pool. When you step through the doors of one of our Club Bungalows, Club Cottages, or Club Villas, you will enjoy all of the luxury appointments of these south Kaua’i residences. Each home includes exclusive access to The Club at Kukui'ula's host of amenities and adventures.

When you are in a place where your time is all your own, you learn that you're more adventurous, more relaxed, more satisfied. So dive into that new hobby alongside world class experts; remember what it feels like to take time all for yourself; encounter the majesty of breaching whales from the 14th hole.