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Anne Leveque   Meet Anne, one of our travel experts for Thailand.

I specialize in creating combination tours with multiple destinations e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam combo, within a region, all inter linked smoothly, convenient and affordable routing. Of course, I will also book a single destination of your choice. My formal background is a BS in Biological Science, and MA in education/administration and an MFA in Fine Arts, UCLA. I have held several Assistant Professorships, as well as a career Painter and Writer of Plays which have been produced and represented in Hawaii and Asia. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing and Oh Yes...TRAVEL!

First Timers Tour Of Bangkok

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First Timers Tour Of Bangkok

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First Timers Tour Of Bangkok - First Timers Tour Of Bangkok. Copyright


Bangkok - temples, canals, people, food, and shopping. It's a magical city.

Bangkok boasts 365 temples, one for each day of the year & every one of them has a certain charm. We will make sure that you see the best of them. Bangkok is a city of canals and the experience of a long-tail boat ride is most memorable. It is also a shopaholic's paradise and has markets everywhere.

Your guide will set the tone for the day. During your first 30 minutes of driving, as you work towards the Grand Palace, you will receive an introduction to the fascinating history of Bangkok, Thailand and its people. The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, are the most revered in this city of 365 temples. The grounds are stunning and though you feel as if you will never see it all, your experienced guide will help you navigate to the most important parts while talking of the rest.

The Grand Palace became the home of the royal family in 1784, yet it has not had a king reside here since the early 20th century. Yet is is a stunning display of Thai art and architecture. Wat Phra Kaeo served as the royal chapel of the Grand Palace. The glittering mosaics and other-worldly creatures seem to stand as guards for the precious Emerald Buddha.

A break for lunch is another immersion in Thai culture. Your guide will take you to a local restaurant, one that will make you comfortable yet introduce you to some new foods if you are willing. Close by, you will see the famous canals and no visit to Bangkok is complete without a klong tour. A khlong, also spelled Klong, is the general name for a canal in the central plain of Thailand and your tour on the river and then into the canals is an amazing view of both residential life on the water as well as some industry. This is a fascinating way to see a side of the city that few tourists ever experience.

Relaxed and ready, you will disembark your boat and head over to Wat Pho, for the viewing of the breathtaking Reclining Buddha. This is Bangkok's oldest and biggest temple and the massive buddha is something you will never forget.

You can reflect on that sight as you move to a nearby flower market. Here find even more sights, sounds, and smells at the biggest flower market in the city. It is sensory overload whether you visit in the morning, afternoon or late at night. Throughout the night boats full of jasmine, lotus, and carnations unload their goods. Watching these people 'work' these flowers into further magic will make you jealous; their designs are incredible and it is made to look so easy!

We will return you either back to your hotel or to the Klong Toey port for emabarkation on to your ship.

- Lunch is included in the tour cost. Beverages are additional.
- Admissions are not included but they total about $13 per person for the day.

- Modest dress is essential. No sandals, no shorts, or sleeveless shirts are allowed. We suggest that ladies carry a shawl if necessary to cover your shoulders.
- You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering all the temples. If you have an aversion to that, please carry socks or surgical booties or you will not be allowed in.
- Please note there are several cruise piers in and around Bangkok. If your ship changes itinerary, there may be a change in cost. If you have questions, contact ShoreTrips.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:30 AM, duration: 9 hours