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Private: The Heart Of Las Vegas

Explore > United States > Las Vegas > Private: The Heart Of Las Vegas

Private: The Heart Of Las Vegas

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Private: The Heart Of Las Vegas - Private: The Heart Of Las Vegas. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


What you often don’t see is where it all started!

Who knew there was another world called Vegas - the real one.

Not everyone visiting Las Vegas is a gambler, and even the most dedicated card shark needs a break now and then. In this desert oasis, you can find some curious history along with a view into the past. Downtown is definitely not the Strip, and that is a good thing. It is gritty; one can sense hard times, but even that is slowly becoming a thing of the past as new ventures are popping up all over.

As we delve into the heart of Vegas we will walk through several different neighborhoods. It will be easy to see the past, but more important will be the imagination of the commerce and new art intersect. This is where the locals live, work, and function on a daily basis. For a long time locals moved outside the city proper, but this journey into the historic downtown will really highlight the engine of Las Vegas that now has a residential pull.

Begin in the oldest arts neighborhood in the city. This area is called the Cultural Corridor, and is just a few blocks from the downtown casinos. Your guide will show you the Neon Museum, a 2-acre site full of signage dating from the beginning of this art movement. You will see the lobby, and might even want to spend an inordinate amount of time here. We will not go further inside now, but you can return after the tour on your own.

One area that we will visit is a new redevelopment district. Artists have left their mark with great murals, and business people are opening up unique shops as well as little boutique cafes. Even some cool neighborhood bars are opening up, and while the Strip is the fantasy, this is the reality to living and surviving in this unique city. Here you will have an opportunity to chat with some of the local entrepreneurs who think of themselves as ‘culture builders.’

Moving into downtown’s oldest cultural neighborhood, you will see a historic 19th century ranch. This is what Vegas used to be, and it is great to see this property has survived. Nearby is the famous Neon Museum, and, as this city is the be-all of neon, what better location than this?

We will take a look at the Downtown Farmer’s Market which is really bustling on Fridays. It's an interesting area every day of the week, but on Fridays you will be amazed at the fresh organic produce and delectable bakery that appeals to the local audience, a group that no one thinks about when sitting in their casino. And the crafts and arts abound, offering a nice souvenir you didn’t expect!

One last surprise is our stop at the Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping center chock full of shops, restaurants, and live entertainment for everyone. It’s cool looking from the outside, and full of temptation.

We will leave you here to find your best Vegas self before you head back into the fray of the casinos.

- Not included in this tour are additional food and beverages, museum entrance fees, extra purchases, and gratuities for your guide.
- This tour is entirely walking on paved sidewalks, but there are some inclines in particular neighborhoods that you will be walking up and down. We consider this low impact.
- Inside visits to the museums that you see cannot be included due to time constraints, but your guide will offer information if you wish to return after the tour.

- This tour is not available for anyone under 21 years old.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:30 AM, duration: 2.5 hours