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Serious Walking Tour Of Cienfuegos

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Serious Walking Tour Of Cienfuegos

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Serious Walking Tour Of Cienfuegos - Serious Walking Tour Of Cienfuegos. Copyright Just a spacer


The ideal tour for those who love to walk long distances - we include the long avenues of the city.

Sitting on the Caribbean coast of southern-central Cuba, Cienfuegos is a memorable place to visit. With its colorful facades, wide streets and charming French colonial architecture, it is easy to see how it earned the title of the Perla de la Sur, Pearl of the South. Cienfuegos was founded in 1819 by the French and is therefore one of Cuba’s newest settlements and it feels quite different from the rest of the country.

Cienfuegos became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 and this designation speaks to the bountiful amounts of architecture influenced by the French. We begin our walk with Cienfuegos Boulevard, the longest in Cuba and pay attention to the beautifully painted facades. Spin around in the gorgeous Jose Marti Square and inhale the gracefulness of the historically significant monuments. You cannot avoid noticing the one of a kind Arco de los Trabajadores (Arch of Triumph) dedicated to Cuban independence, nor the baby blue mansion on the western side of Parque Marti, which is the former Palacio Ferrer.

To the south of the park, another grandioso Palacio de Gobierno, the Government Palace. All of these are surprising to see and very impressive. Teatro Tomas Terry is on your stroll and the Italian style theatre on the northern side of Parque Jose Marti is one of 3 theatres in Cuba and it was made a National Monument in 1978, further winning an Award of Conservation in 2008.

Before you begin your stroll on the Prado Promenade, you will make a short stop at the incredible Cienfuegos Cathedral opposite the park. The stained glass windows are stunning. The walk along the Malecon sea wall is particularly relaxing. It is just under 2 miles of easy walking with the water at your side. The prize is Punta Gorda, which sits at the edge of the Bay of Cienfuegos. This lovely neighborhood has a wonderful sample of architecture and a beautiful marina, all sort of surprising in Cuba.

During your walk you will stop for refreshments at the Union Hotel. You will visit the most important landmarks, which include Acscio del Valle Palace and La Punta, along with the cathedral and the Tomas Terry Theatre.

- You must have no limitations when walking. This is not a fast walk but it is long.
- Please dress comfortably and good walking shoes are essential. Consider a hat, sunscreen and perhaps an umbrella if very sunny.
- You are traveling under a general license, 31 CFR 515.574 - Support for the Cuban People. Travelers must keep a copy of their voucher for 5 years per OFAC regulations.

- This is only for those who love long walks.
- This tour is not recommended for guests with limited mobility.
- Please note the availability of private guides in Cienfuegos is limited so please book in advance.
- It is unusual to have your ship tendered in this port. In the event it is necessary, your arrival on to land will be later than planned. Your guide will be waiting for you and will help you determine the best itinerary under the circumstance. This is so rare but, as your guide will be waiting for you, there will be no adjustment to the cost.
- This tour is not recommended for travelers with limited mobility.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 4 hours Schedule this tour at other times by contacting ShoreTrips before booking.
  • 11:00 AM, duration: 4 hours Schedule this tour at other times by contacting ShoreTrips before booking.
  • 01:00 PM, duration: 4 hours Schedule this tour at other times by contacting ShoreTrips before booking.