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Premium Scenic Sitka Tour

Explore > United States > Sitka > Premium Scenic Sitka Tour

Premium Scenic Sitka Tour

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Premium Scenic Sitka Tour - Premium Scenic Sitka Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Search the rugged and beautiful shorelines for abundant wildlife.

These local Alaskan guides love sharing their unique experiences and knowledge of Sitka. You'll be mesmerized by the amazing wildlife and the peaceful way of living. The memories will last a lifetime.

This fun and adventurous small group tour begins after taking the free shuttle from the cruise ship pier to downtown Sitka. Take in the breathtaking view of downtown Sitka (Novo Arkhangelsk, or New Archangel as it was known during Russian rule) from the O'Connell Bridge from the comfort of new model Nissan vans. There's a rich history and architectural treasures to discover.

Your tour continues with a scenic drive to Silver Bay, where you'll learn of its interesting history and be amazed by the gorgeous scenery. Whales, eagles, sea lions and even jumping salmon are frequently spotted, so keep your camera handy.

Next, we're on to the "Fortress of the Bear." This three-quarter acre habitat is home to rescued Brown Bear. The dedicated rescuers will provide information on this giant omnivore as well as stories of their personal experiences with ursa arctos". The property allows for close access (25 feet) to the animals with covered viewing areas, for great photography opportunties.

From bears we move on to raptors. The Alaska Raptor Center's mission is to educate the public about these magnificent birds of prey as well as care for sick and wounded birds. The Center receives 100-200 birds per year from all over Alaska, including eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. As the birds heal, many re-learn how to fly in the enclosed 20,000 square foot Bald Eagle Flight-Training Center before being released back into the wild. There are about 2 dozen avian residents who assist in the educational portion of the tour.

The last stop is the Sitka National Historical Park, also known as Totem Park. You'll stand on a bridge over Indian River and learn about the salmon and their life cycle, then take a walk in the amazing old growth rain forest. Hear about the native culture as you view the totem art and scenery.

- Bring an umbrella in case of rain, and don't forget your camera.
- Tour times vary daily and will be assigned upon confirmation. We will also ask if you have any other tours booked while in port.

- This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

- This tour can accommodate a maximum 10 adults per vehicle.
- If you want to make your tour private, please book the Private Premium Scenic Sitka Tour, or call ShoreTrips to book.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • , duration: 2.5 hours Tour time will be assigned upon confirmation.