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Southern Bonaire By Electric Bike

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Southern Bonaire By Electric Bike

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Southern Bonaire By Electric Bike - Southern Bonaire By Electric Bike. Copyright Just a spacer


On the relaxed southern part of Bonaire, biking is the best way to view the highlights.

When referring to Bonaire, those in the know are aware of the island's famous windsurfing, which has drawn some of the best surfers in the world. But it has many other unique characteristics that set it apart from the other islands surrounding it. It is also well known for diving, as are its partners in the ABC Islands, Aruba and Curacao. But it is flat, especially the southern end, with little rainfall and the vegetation is typical of this climate. There are few natural resources other than beaches, beautiful offshore reefs and the solar salt works. The southern tip of the island is a great field for sea salt production.

So - once you are fitted to the proper bike, instruction will follow. A helmet is mandatory and a bottle of water is welcome 'equipment'. Comfortable now with your wheels, you will follow your guide towards the easy but interesting flats of the south. A less traveled road to the Plaza Beach Resort is the direction you will follow, and then off to Flamingo Airport, a perfect title for an island airport that is known also for these long-legged birds.

Passing the pink airport, you will reach and ride past the famous neighborhood known as Belnem, named for its past owner, Harry Belafonte.

Stop one is at the salt pier, where you can enjoy a drink while hearing about the process of salt and this industry itself. The colors are amazing and a great souvenir to take home in the form of a photograph. Tropical blue water contrasts with the pink water of the salt pans, a great background for your selfies.

Try the salt water before moving on towards the remaining white slave huts which were constructed in 1850 during the time when slavery peaked. These huts became the facilities for those slaves that worked the salt ponds. They would collect and ship the salt, still Bonaire's most important export product, by cargo ships that touched based on the island. Each Friday afternoon the slaves walked the 7 hours it took to go to Rincon to see their families, and then they returned each Sunday to resume their jobs at the salt ponds.

A little further on you will see the red slave huts and nearby the 4 obelisks that were painted in different colors of the Dutch flag. These acted as navigational shore markers so captains had a way to guide their vessels as they came in to load.

The Willemstoren Lighthouse is the third stop on this ride. It is one of 5 lighthouses here and was fully restored in 2012. Now you know you are at the southern tip of Bonaire.

Your relaxed ride continues to Sorobon on the eastern side of the peninsula. Here is one of Bonaire's treasures, where an offshore reef protects the bay on which this beautiful beach sits, keeping the shallows very calm. This beach attracts all visitors but it is the big draw for all those surfers, as nature provides the best combo for windsurfing in the world. International and local competitions are constant and popular throughout the year. It would be unusual for you to stop and not see some of their maneuvers during your visit.

Our mention of flamingoes in the beginning of this tour is repeated as you begin to head back to Kralendijk through the mangrove area. Your bikes are quiet and so the chance of seeing flamingoes is great. If they are strutting in the water, we will stop to allow you some photos before completing the ride.

- The level of activity for this bike ride is moderate, with mostly flat paths and roads.
- Please dress in clothing suitable for biking comfort.
- There is a very short walk from the pier to the beginning of the tour with directions on your voucher.
- Food, other beverages, gratuities are not included in this tour.

- Please keep your distance from the flamingoes when taking photographs.
- This requires a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 people. We will try to match you with others to create the minimum. If you have a larger group, please contact ShoreTrips.
- Children are welcome with adult supervision. Please gauge the biking ability of your child as there will be no refunds if they are unable to ride the bike.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 3.5 hours Other departures are available by contacting ShoreTrips in advance of your arrival.