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Private Flavor Immersion For Foodies

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Private Flavor Immersion For Foodies

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Private Flavor Immersion For Foodies - Private Flavor Immersion For Foodies. Copyright



MOFONGO, MOJITOS, PINA COLADA, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE - it won't matter what you taste. It is all DELICIOSO!

San Juan has a flavor all its own. The music, the language, the people and the food are all reflecting a culture that is still foreign to many of us, yet here you are still in the United States. On this tour you will understand even more about the emergence of different people that created this country. Your food adventure will be led by a guide well versed in the history, the culture and the food of Puerto Rico.

This is a walk and taste tour and you will ingest the equal to a full meal of Puerto Rican food by the end - and will have walked off half of it! The stops and the tastings will vary based on the time of your tour. In the morning, you will wake up to a jolt of Puerto Rican coffee and some traditional sweets. If your tour is later in the day you might begin with a taste of rice and beans with the special seasonings that make it Puerto Ricans own dish.

Everyone gets a kick out of their visit to the local market, where fresh produce is displayed in the old European way. Tastings will be part of that stop as well. But there are some dishes and drinks that are special to this island and you can expect to taste them. Learn how to make a piña colada the original way and no visit is complete without experiencing mofongo, a wonderful squash concoction that lends itself to multiple forms of protein. Whether it is beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian, it is delicious.

Puerto Rico is famous for rum and rum drinks, particularly the Pina Colada. The location that lays claim to its origin will be on your itinerary, whether you are touring in the morning or the afternoon. And no one can leave the island without a taste of mofongo, a dish that deserves a more appealing name. But once you taste true mofongo, the name will be irrelevant as the dish is a standout!

Your tour through the history of the island by taste is satisfying on every front as the culture and the cuisine mesh together.

- Please allow 15-20 minutes to reach the starting point from the cruise docks. If you are staying at a hotel, please ask your concierge for an estimate for the length of the ride.
- There can be up to 4 tastings per stop so there is always something for those with food restrictions.
- We cannot guarantee seating at each location.
- Private group tours are the EXACT same experience as General Public Tours only in a private setting with your own guide and JUST your group.
- Tour will run rain or shine.

- The minimum for this private tour is 6 people in your party.
- The maximum for this tour is 64 people and they will be broken into manageable group sizes for tasting.
- Please alert ShoreTrips in advance of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate.
- If you are doing this as a pre-cruise or post-cruise tour, please contact ShoreTrips for additional pricing to include luggage space and handling.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 04:30 PM, duration: 3 hours