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Brian has always nurtured his passion for travel in his spare time. He's traveled the world, visiting over 40 countries. Over time, this passion grew to the point where he began to search for opportunities to work in the travel industry. He's been an African Specialist at Mango Safaris since early 2006.

Eagle Island Camp

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Aerial View of the Camp

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Aerial View of the Camp - Eagle Island Camp. Copyright CC Africa-Orient Express-Eagle Island Camp. Just a spacer

Eagle Island Camp in Botswana's Okavango Delta is the ultimate luxury safari paradise.

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With incredible views cross the Okavango Delta and delicious food to match, the dining experience at Eagle Island Camp is one to remember.

Let's face it, you have travelled long distances, taken many flights in planes that get smaller and smaller, until you eventually arrive in the ultimate wilderness of Botswana, the miraculous place where a delta meets a desert, where you will have one of the world's best wildlife experiences. Bearing this in mind we have tweaked a daily programme to make sure that guests who have come all this way, will have the opportunity to spend as much time as they wish out in the bush with the animals.

Not being constrained by camp schedules means that if you are having a fascinating morning game-drive (or mokoro trip) and you are far too excited to go back to the lodge, just to have brunch, well you don't have to - your breakfast served in the bush will be substantial and your brunch will be available back at the camp from 10h30 until 13h30. The same will apply for your evening drive, come home when you want to, as dinner will be served until late.

All luxury tents at Eagle Island Camp are housed on raised wooden platforms, offering great views, and shaded by a traditional African thatch roof. The large private decks are furnished with easy chairs and a hammock, ideal for viewing wildlife, or for enjoying a private dinner in complete privacy. The tent interiors are luxuriously appointed with such comforts as an en suite bathroom, private fully stocked mini bar, four poster bed complete with mosquito netting, as well as a discreet air conditioning.

Eagle Island Camp has an exclusive private suite, perfect for a more intimate safari experience. The naturally stunning private suite with a spacious secluded deck area is set away from the other tents in the camp.

The extended viewing deck has two relaxing sun loungers, perfect for basking in the warm African sun. To the side, a generous heated splash pool which is set amongst the trees for shade and privacy, yet with full views of the Delta allows one to wallow in communion with the hippos whilst spotting elephant and crocodiles on the island banks.

The open air double showers and beautiful deep copper-framed Victorian bath, with only the tree canopy as a roof, offers further opportunities to commune with nature.

Helicopter flights over Botswana are one of life's big adventures. Hunting has rarely been done from above and therefore animals are unperturbed by aircraft. Surprisingly, you may hover just a few feet over great herds of zebra as they continue to graze, completely unconcerned.

Even more exciting, you may be able to touch down on an island far away from human habitation and stand in a spot that for thousands of years has been cut off from the world beyond. A speed boat may appear bearing coffee or a celebratory glass of sparkling wine: sip at leisure as you gaze on lush, riverine scenery—one of the world's last wildernesses.

Set out early in the morning into open grassland shaded by tall mangosteen and palm trees. Stay alert and you soon become attuned to details including the faint sounds animals hidden in the trees. There is nothing quite like being able to touch, hear, smell and even taste nature all around. The scents of wild herbs are intoxicating: sage, basil, purple pod weed—all fresh and far from city fumes.

Always follow the safety instructions: remember, this is Africa at its most untamed and raw. No matter what you encounter, never run. Follow the pace of the slowest person and proceed in a row like a train. Groups are limited to six persons and a guide with a two-way radio.

You might spot zebra, giraffe, crocodile, impala and even get the incredible adrenaline rush of sighting an elephant or lion. But don't be scared. As they say at the camp "If you don't bother them, they won't bother you". Bird-spotting is superb: bring along binoculars and prepare to be amazed by the variety of species swooping and diving all around.

Spiders spin glistening webs above the water; luminous dragonflies hover with whirring wings; game such as red lechwe antelope, reed bucks and giraffes come to drink. But for many it is the birds of this ornithological paradise that dazzle. Stately egrets, storks, cormorants and even fishing eagles swoop overhead. But for colour and dash the magnificent malachite kingfisher steals the show.