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Ecological Forest Fun For All

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Ecological Forest Fun For All

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Ecological Forest Fun For All - Ecological Forest Fun For All. Copyright


Everyone will find this a special way to spend the day.

If you mention a national park in Puerto Rico, everyone will think you are referring to El Yunque. But there is another option and it is much closer to the city of San Juan and it will also draw you into the highlights of the island, the vegetation and natural beauty that Puerto Rico is known for.

First meet your guide and enjoy a panoramic tour of San Juan. Listening to the history is entertaining for all ages as you pass the forts that protected the island from invaders and pirates in the past. The old buildings, the cobblestone streets, the malecons where you may see people playing dominos or checkers in the squares - all so much a part of the Puerto Rican culture yet as it is part of the United States, it has even more meaning in today's world.

From Old San Juan we will head to the highway and directly south for an interesting ride through the countryside. Just a over a half an hour ride away from downtown San Juan we will bring you to a pocket of treasures at the La Marquesa Park. This ecological park has six hundred acres of land densely populated by trees. Inside you will find many activities that are suitable for young and old, families and friends, anyone who wants to have fun exploring nature.

Knowing you have plenty of time you can explore the Butterfly Farm and the Aviary with its large collection of tropical birds at your leisure. Displays of macaws, cockatoos, Amazon parrots, peacocks, pheasants and flamingos, among others varieties from all over the world will entertain you. Easy walking paths connect the exhibits which include a cable car excursion above the forest that will delight all. Climb the observation tower to burn off that extra energy and get a bird's eye view of the forest. An artificial waterfall in the midst of the botanical garden makes for a perfect background for your family photos. You will also find a train ride that will take you around the park, delivering a lazy tour of the landscape.

And for those who enjoy extreme sports there are facilities available for zip lines, rappelling and hiking.

This setting is meant to entertain all ages and from its play area to its palm tree garden, it will deliver exactly that to everyone.

- Please dress comfortably.
- There is a café and a gift shop.
- There is an admission to the park of $6.00 per adult, $3.00 for children from 2 - 12 years old, and $3.00 for seniors and those with limited mobility.
- There are extra fees for certain activities.
- Your vehicle will stay with you the entire stay at the park.

- This tour is not currently available as the park is closed. You may place a booking request but we may not be able to confirm it. We will have more information in Spring 2018.
- Entrance to the park ends at 3:30pm.
- The extreme activities have an additional charge and restrictions based on physical ability and age and weight.
- If you are staying at a hotel outside of the San Juan area, extra transportation fees will apply. Please contact ShoreTrips for rates.
- If you need a different pick up time, please contact ShoreTrips.
- When Monday is a official holiday, the park will be closed Tuesday.

Days offered: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • 08:30 AM, duration: 4 hours Includes roundtrip transportation
  • 09:30 AM, duration: 4 hours Includes roundtrip transportation
  • 10:30 AM, duration: 4 hours Includes roundtrip transportation
  • 01:00 PM, duration: 4 hours Includes roundtrip transportation