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San Diego For Beer Aficionados

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San Diego For Beer Aficionados

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San Diego For Beer Aficionados - San Diego For Beer Aficionados. Copyright


Beer is the key to San Diego's heart!

Who knew that San Diego is the #1 beer city in the country with more award-winning craft breweries than any other city?

Glug, glug. Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of a cold foamer calling your name. Don't get carried away with sightseeing, take some time for brew downing and do as the locals do. With the highest concentration of craft breweries in Southern California - 150 and counting - San Diego is making a name for itself on the global craft beer scene. The locals here know a good beer when they taste it.

Need you be a dedicated beer drinker? Not at all and most likely, those who were never much about beer in the past will become more understanding of the efforts now brought into the design of new brews. Depending on the timing of the day we will visit three of San Diego's most celebrated breweries. Located throughout San Diego County, our destinations are variable and will be chosen based on the conditions of the day. The rides themselves are informing as you will often travel outside the downtown area to see the beautiful rural districts and neighborhoods where much of this is happening.

We will hook you up with a local beer expert eager to share the passion, making this both informative and fun! A little history and a little inspiration, though we know the best way to decide if you like a beer is simply by taste.

Tastings at all three breweries are included. Cold foamers, oat sodas, barley pops - we don't really care what pet name you call your beer, this will be a highlight of your trip.

- Rotating food carts are available at some of the breweries. Food cost is not included in the price of this tour.
- Lunch can be arranged in advance for your groups through ShoreTrips.

- You must be at least 21 years old to participate in beer tasting.
- There are a few breweries that have non-alcoholic beer and others with gluten-free beer. You can specify if you are interested in these when you book your tour.
- Pricing is based on private transportation. Brewery tours themselves are private when available, though not guaranteed. If you have a custom request or a certain size group contact ShoreTrips to schedule private interior visits.
- Pricing based on 2-3 guests is not available on Saturdays.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 10:30 AM, duration: 5 hours
  • 11:30 AM, duration: 5 hours
  • 12:30 PM, duration: 5 hours