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Baines Camp

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Sanctuary Baines' Camp is located on a huge private concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, home to some of the most spectacular wildlife on Earth. This is Sanctuary's smallest and most intimate camp, with only five luxurious suites.

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On arrival at Maun Airport, a Mack Air representative will meet and assist you to your onward flight.

Depart Maun on a shared light aircraft charter flight to Sanctuary Baines' Camp. The flying time is approximately 15 minutes. Kindly note, however, that all inter-camp flights are subject to multiple pickups and drop offs en route to your destination which could affect the flying time. On arrival at the airstrip a Sanctuary Baines' Camp representative will meet and transfer you to the camp. The transfer time is approximately 45 minutes.

Sanctuary Baines' Camp is located on the Boro River, set amongst the shady trees and water of the Okavango Delta, on a 260,000 acre private concession neighbouring the Moremi Game Reserve. The camp, named after the famous 19th century explorer Thomas Baines, features five luxurious suites set on elevated platforms in the tree line with wooden decks that offer expansive views over the permanent water of the river and a lagoon teaming with life. Guests returning from their night drive will be surprised with a romantic, star bath waiting on their viewing deck.

Here in the Okavango Delta lives some of the most spectacular and varied wildlife on Earth. Famed for its big cat and bird population, the delta is a peaceful haven where animals have been protected for decades and know they will not be disturbed.

They can show travellers how to track and follow even the most elusive of animals in the Okavango or introduce guests to some of the 500 bird species that live at this confluence of habitats. Looking at the size of a rhino's footprint, and tracking the animals nocturnal perambulations is informative, exciting and a little nerve wracking for first-timers. Walking is a levelling experience for many guests, who have only ever driven around in a safari vehicle and enjoyed sitting above lion, elephants and other animals. On foot, one cannot approach these animals, obviously, but learning about them, walking their walk and seeing the bush at their level is a wonderful and educational experience.

An extraordinary treat available at Sanctuary Baines' Camp is the opportunity to go walking in the bush with three semi-habituated elephants. Jabu, Thembi and Morula are elephants that were orphaned nearby and adopted by Doug and Sandi Groves. The elephants 'take' guests on long walks, foraging in the area in absolute safety. They show travellers how they look for food, strip leaves from branches with their long trunks and take showers in the lagoons of the delta. What better guide to the African bush than a fully-grown African elephant? Even Sanctuary's famously brilliant guides bow to these elephants' innate knowledge and bush-sense. This activity includes a leisurely paced walk with a trio of semi-habituated elephants, observing and interacting with them, and a picnic lunch in their company.