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Your Own Second Line Parade Through The Streets Of New Orleans

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Your Own Second Line Parade Through The Streets Of New Orleans

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Your Own Second Line Parade Through The Streets Of New Orleans - Your Own Second Line Parade Through The Streets Of New Orleans. Copyright Just a spacer


Gather your group and begin the party now!

Highly recommended as the best way to begin a vacation!

First of all, what is a 'second line parade'? Second line is a tradition in brass band parades in New Orleans, Louisiana. These street celebrations are the descendants of the city’s famous jazz funerals and, apart from mourners, they carry many of the same traditions with them as they march down the streets. One might call this a moveable block party as people follow the brass band, wearing and throwing beads, donning bandanas, and dancing with each other as they two-step along the path set in advance. The "main line" or "first line" is the main section of the parade with the parading permit, in this case the brass band. Those who follow the band just to enjoy the music are called the "second line".

Your vivacious parade will begin as the cocktails wind down after your cocktail hour at the Sheraton. You are welcome to wear your most colorful clothing, crazy hats and jackets, sashes, parasols and whatever you have to show your love of the party and this city. Participants will be given bandanas to be able to follow the band and handfuls of beaded necklaces as well. The blare of the trumpet or thump of a tuba will get you all in order and ready to take over the streets as you are escorted by police for safety, as well as fun. The police love this as much as anyone in the city.

This is an infectious event where locals and tourists alike will stop what they are doing at the sound of the approaching horns. As people line the streets, you will dance on through, throwing your beads in celebration of your upcoming vacation, your friends, and your expectations of success. That is why you are part of this group - and the energy that this experience provides will be a fine example of much of your Captain's seminars once you are aboard.

You will end your celebration in the middle of the French Quarter, the perfect place to disband and discover all the restaurants, bars and nightlife that thrives here.
All ages are welcome and will find participation in this special activity one to remember forever. A video will be made and shared with the participants and one day you can look back on this special experience with fond memories that few ever experience.

- You must purchase your participation before you arrive to New Orleans.
- Beads and bandanas will be your ticket to parade.
- An electronic video will be provided upon your return home.

- This activity is best shared with a large group. We need participation of 100 people to create the parade.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 06:15 PM, duration: 1 hours