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Visit The Dzibanche Ruins

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Visit The Dzibanche Ruins

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Visit The Dzibanche Ruins - Visit The Dzibanche Ruins. Copyright Just a spacer


Hidden gem among the tall trees delivers a day in the past.

A secret to many, this experience will not fail to stir your imagination of the past.

The Mayan ruins of Dzibanche are gems. In the midst of a tropical jungle, the ruins emote a mystical quality that few tourists have a chance to experience. The maze of paths that make up this archaeological site tend to protect it from too much activity and seem to have become its own haven for tropical wildlife and exotic birds.

The name Dzibanche means "writing on the wood" and its origin is thought to have come from carvings found in the Temple of the Lintels. This Mayan city was active between 300 and 900 AD and believed to have influenced the southern Mayan cities. Evidence has been found by archaeologists that Dzibanche was the early capital of the Kan Dynasty, therefore sealing its importance to the past.

The most significant buildings at Dzibanche are the Temple of the Captives, the Temple of the Lintels, and the Temple of the Owl. The K'inchina' Pyramid is another large temple located outside of the center core of the site. This pyramid is one of few in the world today where you can climb and see the views above the treetops, purely an optional experience.

It is not enough to see these ruins. Best is to enjoy a guided tour by a Mayan local who can relate through generations of ancestors to the daily life, the political and military history of this civilization, and impart that information in an interesting way.

Recent excavations at Dzibanche have revealed tombs with rich jade offerings for members of the ruling family and inscriptions that suggest that it could have been home to one of the most powerful dynasties of the Maya.

- Flat soled, closed-toe sensible walking shoes are recommended, as are sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, long hiking pants, and fabric that breathes.
- The tour includes a 2-mile walk over a packed path.
- A box lunch (turkey sandwich, fruit, juice or soda, bag of chips or granola bar) is included in the price of this tour.
- Please bring cash for souvenirs. Credit cards are not accepted.
- The ride to the ruins takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.

- There is a $5 USD fee for the use of video cameras to be paid on site. Tripods are not allowed on the site.
- Children under 8 years old may find this tour difficult.
- Please be aware that the tour operates in the wilderness, hours away from medical facilities. Therefore, this tour is not recommended for people with serious medical conditions.
- Your ship needs to be in port for 8 hours in order to take this tour.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • , duration: 6 hours Your tour time will be confirmed for 1 hour after your ship's arrival.