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Private: Historic Marblehead, Salem And The Witch Museum

Explore > United States > Massachusetts > Private: Historic Marblehead, Salem And The Witch Museum

Historic Marblehead, Salem And The Witch Museum

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Historic Marblehead, Salem And The Witch Museum - Private:  Historic Marblehead, Salem And The Witch Museum. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Explore the historic towns of Marblehead and Salem

During this tour, you will visit the towns of Marblehead and Salem. These towns date back to the American Revolution, and have survived great periods of prosperity and darkness. In addition to visiting prominent historical sites with your guide, you will also have some free time to explore the streets of Salem and visit its charming shops.

First, you will travel north from Boston to historic Marblehead and visit Abbott Hall, home to the original 7’ x 10’ painting, “The Spirit of ‘76.” Founded in 1629, Marblehead is known for its many contributions to the American Revolution and Civil War.

The next stop is Salem, a town known for its infamous witch trials, held centuries ago. As you walk the streets of Salem, you will be transported to 1692, when a rash of mysterious illness triggered witchcraft hysteria leading to the arrest of over 150 innocent townspeople. The Salem Witch Museum uses stage settings, with dramatic lighting and voiceover to reenact the events that lead to the unfair condemnation of 20 innocent people.

In the mid-19th century, Salem evolved into a manufacturing and retail hub. However, in 1914, a great fire, caused by a series of chemical explosions, swept through the city leaving thousands of families homeless. Today Salem has developed into a colorful coastal city with one of the highest concentrations of historic sites and museums in the U.S.

Salem’s Derby Wharf dates back to the fabled China Trade period after the Revolution, when Salem’s Yankee Clipper ships sailed around the globe to Canton and the South Seas. During this time, Salem was the wealthiest city in the United States. Many of the historic buildings in this district are directly associated with the boom of foreign business during this prosperous period. Many of the shops on Derby Street date back to the 1700's and still retain their historic charm. You will have time to independently explore the historic buildings and shops along the waterfront and have a chance to pick up some lunch!

- The cost of meals/food is not included.
- Bottled water, hand sanitizer, and tissues are available for your comfort.
- This is a private tour. ShoreTrips does not combine passengers from different parties for this tour.
- Admission into the Witch Museum is included.

- Guests with walking difficulties may opt to remain in the coach during stops. There will be approximately 40 minutes of walking and standing involved at the Salem Witch Museum.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:30 AM, duration: 7 hours If you need to adjust your time, please call ShoreTrips prior to placing your reservation.