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Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa

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Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa

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Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa - Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa. Copyright Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa.

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Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa Overview

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The Maldives welcomes you to a tropical paradise­ of palm trees, white sandy beaches,­ sparkling clear, warm water in­ turquoise lagoons and colourful coral reefs teeming with abundant marine life.

Vilamendhoo Island Resort, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, an excellent house reef and long stretches of white, sandy beach, is the only Resort of Vilamendhoo, South Ari Atoll. It is 900 meters long by 250 meters wide, about 55 acres. Your seaplane transfer from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is a scenic, 25 minute flight.

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Review date:   February 26, 2018 1:42AM
Review:   Amazing house reef, this place is a snorkelling paradise. The staff are extremely warm and they make you feel special with their trademark smile. The size of this island resort is just perfect. Not too small nor too big. I would definitely recommend the water villa and the beach villas. Food is great. Will suit people with all sorts of appetite.
Author:   Manpreet Singh
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   December 16, 2017 4:01PM
Review:   Best holiday destination ever... superb hotel and the property has all the amenities and facilities one can dream of in a sea side holiday. The tours and guides are awesome and sunset tour is a must do.. we were lucky to swim with mantas but could not find whales. The surroundings of the hotel are rich in undersea flora and fauna..
Author:   Rohit Gupta
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 18, 2018 3:58AM
Review:   When in Rome (or Maldives) splurge for the bungalows over the water you won't be disappointed. Fill up on the mangostene and snorkel the day away. The rooms on the beach were ok and would have been just fine. Although I developed an odd red itchy rash once we moved from the bungalows to the beach side rooms.
Author:   NK O
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   March 23, 2018 6:15AM
Review:   Review of Vilamendhoo Some considerations most reviewers may not include... We snorkeled the house whole reef more than once and loved the colors, variety, and character of all the fish, coral, and invertebrates. We used the gym, which is great, walked the island extensively, kayaked, and went windsurfing. Vilamendhoo offers a huge variety of activities. You'll love it. A visit to any of the more remote resorts, such as Vilamendhoo is similar to a visit to Mars. You're isolated with a collection of people in a remote area, just as you would be. A few critical resources are provided from the outside such as fuel and food, but many resources we take for granted must be generated on the island. This includes water, electricity (4 x 1000kw generators), waste treatment, air conditioning, medical clinic, entertainment, cooking, repair facilities. There are two parallel systems, one for the guests and one for the staff, providing sleeping, eating, and entertainment facilities. On Vilamendhoo you're surrounded by an enormous collection of alien species, swimming on the reef right around you. On Mars you may be searching for evidence of any alien life. Vilamendhoo offers WiFi in the housing, but not in the restaurants, which is nice. It's OK for text, but don't expect to transfer videos, games, or full resolution photos. (0.8 Mbps) All of the staff at Vilamendhoo are great. We had a particular admiration for the cooks. They turned out a huge variety of very tasty food, which is all the more remarkable because of the remote location and the fact that it's buffet style. I gained a few pounds. You can go barefoot 24 hours a day if you like. The trails everywhere are sand, and the floors of the buildings are sand. Vilamendhoo bent over backward to achieve safety. For example, there are life rings anchored every 100 yards or so along the edge of the reef to support any struggling snorkelers, plus additional rescue tools along the beaches. There was fire fighting equipment everywhere you looked. We spent 4 days in another, less expensive, resort before transferring to Vilamendhoo for 6 days. We appreciated the variety of experiences this two-resort solution offered. The transfers were easy to arrange, the transfers almost always go via Male and the scheduling was done by the two resorts. When you're planning, take into account the cost of the sea plane. It was $360 per person round trip. Resorts closer to Male offer much less expensive transfers by boat.
Author:   Dan Marshall
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   May 16, 2018 4:14AM
Review:   Pleasant place, could use a little more polish but we were satisfied. House reef is completely bleached (99%), mostly dead but there were still plenty of fish. We spent much time deciding at which resort to stay, and we ultimately ended up here because of the price and the house reef. My selection criterion was that is be somewhere in the South Ari Atoll, as I wanted to see whale sharks. Every resort has a house reef, and this one was rumoured to be one of the best. Combined with the "reasonable" price, our fate was sealed. We stayed from 5 days at the beginning of May. We booked a beach villa and the total cost of the stay was 3050 USD (booked online on their site). We arrived in Malé from Colombo after a 10 days travelling Sri Lanka, so we were pretty dishevelled and ready to relax and we meet a representative who shuttled us off the a lounge to await our sea plane transfer. I had read that some lounges were extremely extravagant - this was not one of those - but I was happy with a juice and some tea to pass the 2 hours before our flight. The flight was a blast, and it takes about 20 minutes to reach the island. The arrival on the island was awkward - staff lined up and even played some drums and I had no idea how to react. We were ushered to tables, given a welcome drink and sat around for check-in. I did not understand why this took so long, given I had supplied details when I booked and I supplied the same details prior to boarding the sea plane. In any case, we were informed that they were overbooked - later research would tell me that this is standard practice - so our room was not available. Consequently, we were upgraded to a water villa for the night, but they also suggested we consider taking a free sailing trip (2-3 nights) which would help solve their overbooking problem. We declined as the weather was a little wild, and the seas choppy. We had paid to stay on an island, so we were going to stay on an island. The accommodation was nice - the water villa was much nice than the beach villa, not just because it was on the water, but the space was larger and much better utilised. Additionally, our beach villa room was just behind the staff/utilities area, which meant access to the restaurant was not great and the diesel generator provides pollution, both noise and fumes. Not a major issue - I was happy to have electricity and drinking water - and is only a problem for the rooms in the immediate vicinity. The food was plentiful - outrageously so, I hope they have mechanisms in place to reduce waste - and was mostly fine. It was extremely bland most of the time, sometime impressively so. Things are oversweetened, especially desserts, and getting extra chilli for curries/noodles was always a mission. The drinks were fine - the cocktails are mostly unimaginative and again are either bland or sweet - and the beer was cold. It was outrageous that each drink was provided in a freshly chilled glass with a plastic straw, which might sound petty; however it is indicative of a larger problem, namely no commitment to reducing power usage or reducing waste. This is evidenced almost everywhere you look. We did three activities, the visit to Dhangethi, snorkelling with manta rays & turtles and snorkelling with whale sharks. All were expensive for what they were, but with the exception of the trip to Dhangethi, they were well executed. We were lucky and saw manta rays (15-20), turtles (2) and whale sharks (3), with the latter being the highlight of the trip. Dhangethi was not worth it, we just walked around the island for 90 minutes, either being ignored by locals or harassed to buy tourist trinkets. If you want to see Maldivian culture, there are better places to do it - we did a day in Malé, which was much more interesting. Apparently I am out of characters; TLDR: get the all-inclusive, the tap water is fine, lots of Chinese, German, British and French people, mostly 40-50 years old. I had fun but wouldn't go back.
Author:   Andy McCulloch
Rating (out of 3 stars):