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Scenic Sitka And Whale Watching Combo Tour

Explore > United States > Sitka > Scenic Sitka And Whale Watching Combo Tour

Scenic Sitka And Whale Watching Combo Tour

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Scenic Sitka And Whale Watching Combo Tour - Scenic Sitka And Whale Watching Combo Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


By land and by sea - this is a great combo!

These native guides love sharing their unique experiences and knowledge of Sitka. You'll be mesmerized by the amazing wildlife and the peaceful way of living. The memories will last a lifetime.

This fun and adventurous tour begins with a tour of Sitka and ends with whale watching in the Pacific Ocean. Take in the breathtaking view of downtown Sitka from the O'Connell Bridge as you explore Japonski (the Russian word for Japanese) Island's rich history and wildlife. Although wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, you'll most likely see eagles, sea lions, otters, and various other animals.

Your tour continues with a scenic drive to Silver Bay, where you'll learn of its rich history and be amazed by the scenery and photo opportunities.

Next, we're on to the "Fortress of the Bear." Here, you'll have the opportunity to witness the distinctive brown bear in a naturalized setting, while gaining a thorough education on the species itself. The three-quarter acre habitat is complete with covered viewing areas, as well as an adjacent public farm.

We're on to Sitka National Historical Park, also known as Totem Park where you'll stand on a bridge over Indian River and learn about the salmon and their life cycle. Before we move on take a walk in the amazing old growth rain forest. Hear about the native culture as you view the totem art and scenery.

The real adventure begins as we board a 26 foot catamaran perfect for wildlife viewing, complete with a warm and enclosed cabin, this is the perfect vessel to feel a sense of intimacy with the Alaskan landscape while traversing in comfort. For those feeling more adventurous there is an outdoor viewing deck as well, though the windows are so large you'll forget you're standing indoors. Each day on the water is unique, but picturesque views are a guaranteed treat.

Your Captain is well versed in Pacific marine life and knows the best locations to optimize sightings. Keep an eye out for humpback and gray whales, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, and more than 280 species of birds. If you are lucky maybe you will even see a bear wandering one of the many secluded beaches.

- Please choose a departure time that is at least 1 hour after your ship docks.
- Dress for cool weather. The cabin is warm and dry for viewing, but if you are interested in "the outdoor experience," you might want to bring a rain slicker.
- Bring an umbrella in case of rain, and don't forget your camera.

- This tour is not wheelchair accessible.
- This tour can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.
- The order of this program is subject to change.
- Each tour will be unique, customized with both your preferences along with sea and weather conditions.
- For the safety and comfort of all on board, this tour maintains a maximum personal weight limit of 250 lbs.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 11:15 AM, duration: 4 hours