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Milford Sound Flight And Cruise

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Milford Sound Flight And Cruise

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Milford Sound Flight And Cruise - Milford Sound Flight And Cruise. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


The most stunning scenery in New Zealand.

This will, without a doubt, be the highlight of anyone's trip to New Zealand.

Sometimes you see pictures or videos of faraway places and you tell yourself that they can't be real. With all of the amazing technological advances and CGI developed in movies, it is hard to trust anything these days. When it comes to pictures of the Milford Sound, you may find yourself questioning their legitimacy. How could such stunning natural beauty be real?! We know the Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand, so are people just sending us pictures of a movie set? Well, rest assured. We've looked into this and we can confirm the stunning pictures you have seen of Milford Sound are not a hoax. It's time to see this striking place for yourself!

Everything will be taken care of for you with a pickup at your hotel for a quick drive to the airport to meet your pilot. You will receive a pre-flight briefing giving you details on upcoming highlights, including the famous Skippers Canyon, Donne Glacier, and the breathtaking Paradise region. While up in the air, the 35-minute flight will rush by as you stare in awe at the secluded glacier-made fjords. After circling through the Sound, you will return to the most inland juncture, landing at its inconspicuous airport before being dropped off for your catamaran cruise.

This additional vantage point of being out on the water will allow you to truly appreciate the enormity of your surroundings. The cruise will cover the full length of the 12 KM fjord that provides views of everything from waterfalls taller than Niagra Falls to a wide array of native flora and fauna that thrive within this environment. Step out on the outdoor viewing deck for the best views. Make sure you tuck away that camera for at least a little while to really appreciate this "hard to believe" location. Your 35-minute return flight will bring your views full circle before you're dropped back off at your hotel.

No green screens involved!

- Please bring layers of clothing to prepare for varying weather.
- A buffet lunch is included for the 11:30 AM departure only.

- There will be a maximum of 14 passengers in your plane.
- This program is very weather dependent because of weather patterns in Milford Sound. A final weather check will be made 1.5 hours prior to your departure and if there is any unfavorable weather patterns you will be contacted directly.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:30 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 11:30 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 01:30 PM, duration: 4 hours