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Melbourne's Jewish Heritage

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Melbourne's Jewish Heritage

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Melbourne's Jewish Heritage - Melbourne's Jewish Heritage. Copyright Just a spacer


Have a local Jewish guide show you the historic sites.

With dozens of beautiful synagogues, leading day schools, museums and cultural institutions, the Melbourne Jewish community is both fascinating and thriving. The locals love to share their stories which is a key aspect in making the community the vibrant group it is today. Traditions from its mostly European past has made them an integral part of the local "fruit salad" which is a term they find more fitting than "melting pot."

Your day begins with a walking tour, where you'll learn about early Jewish migration to Australia and the freedom of religion, which has always been enjoyed in the country. Hear about Flinders Lane's historic schmatta trade and and stop at the site of the city's first synagogue. Exclusive access is provided through your guide's connections within the community and provides a fascinating look into the Jewish culture that most travelers won't have the opportunity to see.

A visit to the Arts precinct will teach you how the many Jewish patrons have been instrumental in shaping the city's cultural scene. This can especially be seen in places like South Yarra and Toorak which are the oldest and original Jewish-Anglo communities. Several Jewish Schools will pop up as you journey south towards Caulfield and Balaclava.

At Balaclava Road and Carlisle Street, where Jewish life is the cultural dominant force, you will have some time to visit kosher bakeries and delis for a chance to chat with the locals. It is here we will take a break for a delicious deli-style lunch. Once in St. Kilda the influence of Ashkenazi migration can be found in the many Eastern-European cake shops that line the seaside-shopping strip.

If you wish, you may upgrade from the deli-style lunch to a Kosher/Kosher-style lunch when booking this tour.

- This price of this tour includes a morning or afternoon tea, deli-style lunch and entrance fees.
- You will have the opportunity to upgrade to a Kosher-style lunch when you purchase the tour.

- Public holidays requiring purchase of holiday supplement for 2019 are: November 5th, December 25th and December 26th.
- Public holidays requiring purchase of holiday supplement for 2020 are: April 10th, April 11th, April 12th, April 13th, April 25th, June 8th, November 3rd, December 25th, and December 28th.
- Peak rates apply to all tours booked for travel between December 20th and January 31st. For public holidays during peak season, the surcharge will only be applied once.

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