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Jeep And Canoe Adventure

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Jeep And Canoe Adventure

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Jeep And Canoe Adventure - Jeep And Canoe Adventure. Copyright Just a spacer


Katch-me-if-you-kan. Can't decide between a land and water adventure? This is for you!

Explore the Tongass National Park by jeep and canoe. Isn't this why you came to Alaska?

Get to know the small group you will be hanging with today in Ketchikan as you will share a special adventure together. As you first get settled into your 4-wheeled drive jeep, strap yourself in as you will be traveling on the rough backroads of the Tongass. You will be paired with companions travel over mounainous roads viewing the magnificent scenery around you. Use your two-way radio for communication between your guide and group leader for commentary along the way. Your CB will let you interact with the other guests on the tour. As you will make stops along the way for the views and photography opportunities, you can also switch drivers.

Arrive at Lake Harriet Hunt for phase 2 of this trip - a true canoe experience. As you paddle with up to 19 other canoers, you will get a real feeling of the ecosystem from the vantage point of your large, stable, easy to paddle canoe. Between the expert guides for both activities, you will learn about the reforestration methods have been successfully implemented as well as every new sightings of wildlife, eagle nests, etc.

Your canoe will come to shore and you will follow your guide to a campsite with welcome snacks, particularly as Ketchikan is one of 2 of the rainiest locations in the world, Kauai being the other one. Enjoy some chowder and smoked salmon. An optional nature walk is possible if you desire.

This is a terrific experience for every age and really one that might let you cross off a couple items on your bucket list!

- Dress comfortably in warm clothing, as tour operates in all weather conditions.
- This tour is completed in a scenic bus for pier return.
- Rain gear will be provded if necessary. All canoeing equipment (lifejacket, paddles) are included.
- Snacks and beverages will be provided.
- Tour times vary daily and will be assigned upon confirmation. During check out you will have a choice between a morning or afternoon program. We will also ask if you have any other tours booked while in port.

- All children must weigh a minimum of 40 pounds in order to fit into required life jackets while canoeing.
- Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children between 13 and 17 years old may have a signed form by a parent or guardian or will not be allowed to participate.
- Children under the age of 5 cannot participate in this tour. A booster seat will be provided for children between 5 and 8 upon request if they are available.
- Jeeps have automatic transmissions. Drivers must be at least 25 years old and are required to show a current drivers license and must sign a liability/insurance waiver.
- This tour has a minimum of 6 people as 6 people are required to paddle a canoe.
- You should be in moderate to good physical condition to participate in this excursion.
- This tour operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the US Forest Service and it may operate in reverse.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • , duration: 4 hours Morning. Tour time will be assigned upon confirmation.
  • , duration: 4 hours Afternoon. Tour time will be assigned upon confirmation.