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Dunedin City Highlights

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Dunedin City Highlights

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Dunedin City Highlights - Dunedin City Highlights. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Discover why Dunedin is considered New Zealand's Edinburgh.

Odds are, based on the accents, you'll realize you aren't in Scotland. If you can't figure it out based on that, then just take our word for it, despite the early founders' determination to give off that Scottish vibe. From architecture down to street layouts the city of Dunedin, whose name is literally Gaelic for Edinburgh, had grandiose plans of making this Scottish Settlement identical to Scotland's capital. The results were both spectacular and unconventional making this one of the more unique locations in the entire country.

At the University of Otago you'll have the chance to check out the oldest University in New Zealand's history. Started in 1871 with just three professors, the University was given 100,000 acres of land and an endowment authorizing them to issue degrees in arts, medicine, law, and music. Currently, it educates over 20,000 students each year and its beautiful location and design will have you wondering why everyone doesn't pursue a PHD to stay as long as possible.

Baldwin Street will have you scratching your head. You might think San Francisco when talking steepest streets in the world, but this one takes the cake. It is short in length, but rises 232 feet and, at its steepest, stands at a 19 degree angle. It's really something you have to see to believe--and it may make you question why anyone would live near a location where so many people gawk in amazement.

The epicenter of the city center is what people call The Octagon. It's an eight-sided plaza that serves as the focal point of the city's main streets, as well as its side streets, and is lined with bars and cafes. This place gets lively on weekend nights and can cater to any cravings you may have. Just a short distance away is the Historic Dunedin Railway station, which is considered the city's most impressive building. The incredible attention to detail involved in its construction makes you realize how grand of a welcome early travelers experienced when arriving into the city. The beautiful grounds around it frame the picture perfectly. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Saturday, make sure to grab some snacks at the nearby market.

- At the end of the tour you can choose to be dropped off in the Dunedin city center instead of returning to the cruise ship. This would then require you to return to the cruise ship through the cruise ship shuttle transport ($10), which is not included in the price of this tour. Please ask a cruise representative for the exact meeting location.

- This tour takes a maximum of 24 passengers.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 10:00 AM, duration: 4 hours