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I specialize in creating combination tours with multiple destinations e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam combo, within a region, all inter linked smoothly, convenient and affordable routing. Of course, I will also book a single destination of your choice. My formal background is a BS in Biological Science, and MA in education/administration and an MFA in Fine Arts, UCLA. I have held several Assistant Professorships, as well as a career Painter and Writer of Plays which have been produced and represented in Hawaii and Asia. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing and Oh Yes...TRAVEL!

Song Saa Private Island

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Song Saa Private Island

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Song Saa Private Island - Song Saa Private Island. Copyright Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates.

In Cambodia's untouched Koh Rong Archipelago, two pristine islands lie side by side. They are known locally as Song Saa, Khmer for 'The Sweethearts.' Song Saa Private Island is as seductive as the name implies. Think intimate. Think luxurious. But above all think harmony, with all the elements of nature that make this place so special.

Song Saa Private Island

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In Cambodia's untouched Koh Rong Archipelago, two pristine islands lie side by side. They are known locally as Song Saa, Khmer for 'The Sweethearts'. Song Saa Private Island is as seductive as the name implies. Think intimate. Think luxurious. But above all think harmony with all the elements of nature that make this place so special.

Song Saa Private Island lies secluded in this magnificent seascape, just 35 minutes by boat from the port of Sihanoukville. Most of the islands remain undeveloped, deserted oases of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs and glistening white beaches. As our guest, you'll be among a handful of lucky adventurers to experience this beautiful, untouched paradise. Walk among old-growth rainforest, watch dazzling reef fish swim under your villa or see rare hornbills land on your balcony.

In this private intimate setting, you will lose yourself in the natural world. No intrusions. No work. Nothing but play. As Cambodia's first luxury private island resort, we are committed to maintaining the natural assets that make this location so unique. If you are in search of a truly private tropical island experience, where you can forget the bustling world, few places rival Cambodia's islands.

The resort spans the islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, connected by a footbridge over a marine reserve we have established to safeguard the islands' reefs and marine life including turtles, seahorses and exotic species of tropical fish. It features luxury Over-Water, Jungle and Ocean-View villas built with sustainable materials and with the deepest respect for the natural environment.

Harmony, sustainability and world-class luxury are the core principles that underpin the design of our villas. Natural materials create a sense of synergy with the sea, the rainforests and the local culture. Everywhere you look there are references to the colours and textures of Cambodia's traditional fishing villages with their pitched roofs and open plan living spaces. Once inside your expansive villa you will find recycled timber from disused fishing boats, furniture made from driftwood collected from local beaches and coves, and floors made from timber salvaged from old factories, warehouses and demolition yards around Cambodia and Thailand. But importantly, you will find every luxury waiting for you. Huge beds dressed with Ploh Linen. Over-sized baths. Outdoor showers beside private decks and pools. Bespoke hand-crafted furniture made by local artisans. Wi-fi and fully stocked bar fridges.

Dining at Song Saa Private Island is a sumptuous and enriching experience, where the focus is on fresh, sustainable and locally produced food. Guests can expect a unique dining experience that takes age-old Cambodian traditions and combines them with the best of modern Western techniques. Every dish is inspired by the local environment and celebrates the natural gifts of the islands in new and exciting ways, with ingredients sourced from local suppliers or produced in-house.

We also offer a specially designed spa menu that will detoxify your body, uplift your spirits and support you as you embark on one of our delicious spa programs. Here you will also find some delicious and healthy options for kids.

From the moment you set foot on Song Saa's exquisite islands, we hope you won't have a care in the world. For this reason, we provide a simple Always-Included pricing policy: one price, per villa, per night. You will be free to indulge yourself in everything our resort and its surrounds have to offer, knowing that all the features laid out below are Always Included at Song Saa:
  • Five-star accommodation in your private over-water, ocean view or jungle villa
  • Everything that passes your lips from sunrise to sunset, be it a lazy breakfast in your villa, a romantic picnic on the beach, or fine dining in our world-class, overwater restaurant
  • The exquisite globally influenced, Khmer-inspired cuisine sourced from a range of local and international producers.
  • Daily surprises from the kitchen; think a late afternoon snack of fresh tapas and a glass of crisp white wine as the sun slides into the ocean
  • Unlimited access to our house wines and spirits, beers and non-alcoholic drinks, including villa mini bars which are restocked daily
  • Unlimited laundry
  • Speed boat transfers between Sihanoukville port 1 and Song Saa Private Island
  • High-speed internet and satellite TV along with international phone calls
  • Free use of the resort's kayaks, sailing boats, and snorkelling gear
  • Guided tours of the unique terrestrial and marine environments of Song Saa's twin islands
The Song Saa Sanctuaries, places of peace and gentleness where mind, body and soul are restored to their natural stillness and harmony. When you step on to Song Saa Private Island, you leave behind the world you knew and enter an enchanting realm where health, wellbeing and natural delights take centre stage.

Guests can draw inspiration and energy from the ocean, the rainforest and the tropical birdlife, to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with inner peace and joy. Our practitioners combine traditional Khmer techniques with ayurvedic principles, chakra-clearing, massage, carefully designed spa cuisine and guided meditations to create a unique and transformative guest experience.

Beginning with a private consultation with our Head of Wellness, a truly bespoke program is designed for the guest integrating treatments, diet and other activities that will refresh, rejuvenate and revive. Our team is made up of locally and internationally trained therapists, ranging from Khmer practitioners who are experts in local therapies and ingredients, as well as yoga masters, and ayurvedic therapists. Our practitioners are also trained in a collection of proven therapies for stress reduction, relaxation and healing, such as reiki and vipassana meditation.

But our approach to wellness goes beyond our delicious menu of treatments. Guests may be surprised to hear suggestions of rejuvenating activities not usually associated with spa experiences. They may include paddle boarding, hikes in the rainforest, fitness sessions, taking part in local gardening workshops or art classes for local children led by the Song Saa Foundation, nutrition advice or meditation on the beach at sunrise. And of course laughter and fun are the best medicines of all. We don't take ourselves too seriously at Song Saa, and whenever necessary we embrace the restorative powers of a glass of champagne at sunset.

For those interested in diving, the waters around Koh Rong and Koh Samloem hide some beautiful coral gardens that breed a wide variety of types such as soft gorgonias, whip corals and big mountain corals. These vibrant reefs provide homes for tropical fish and a range of other sea creatures like cuttlefish or colorful nudibranchs. Keep a look out for barracudas or giant trevallies swimming through the vast blue. If the natural habitats of these amazing marine creatures interest you, our in-house marine biologist, will be more than happy to discuss your discoveries.

Diving at Song Saa is a very laid back and relaxing experience, with calm and easily manageable conditions making it a safe and enjoyable adventure. For people who have no previous diving experience, our PADI Open Water Instructor, will take you step by step through everything you need to know. We provide introductory scuba diving experiences or PADI Open Water courses, light pool sessions where you get familiar with the equipment and underwater breathing skills, and real dives on some of the best spots around Koh Rong.