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Pearl Information

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Pearl Information - Pearls.

In the Cook Islands, Pinctada Margaritifera produces pearls with an average diameter of 10-11mm. While sizes can reach 18mm, pearls of 13mm or more are rare and represent a small percentage of any harvest. Most pearls range in diameter from 8-12mm.

This term refers to the brilliance and reflection of light on the surface of the pearl. Warm and alluring, it is a virtue that combines the quantum nature of light and the subjective views of the beholder.

The colour of the pearl comes directly from the mantle of the shell, which secretes the nacre (mother of pearl) required to develop it. The basic black or dark grey colour of the Cook Islands cultured pearl combines with a multitude of hues from its host shell, ranging through iridescent green, ocean and peacock blues, pink/rose, golden, platinum or rainbow highlights. All colours have their special qualities and individual taste should be the criteria for judging them.

Fine pearls will have an absence of surface marks or depressions. The surface quality is judged by the position and number of blemishes, and ranges from marked to exceptional. As with any of nature's creations, it is unusual to find a pearl totally without these markings. Instead, they should be considered as evidence of nature's art.

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Cook Islands specializes in Black Pearls and offers a wide collection of black pearl jewelry. In the whole world of jewelry, diamonds are the King and Pearls are your Queen. The only Gem that derives its birth from a living organism, Pearls are a remarkable gift of nature from the Ocean that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are two countries that produce cultured black pearls from the black lipped mother of pearl shell (pinctada margaritifera). Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

We are a member of the Pearl Guild and issue with all our pearls a Certificate of Authenticity. We have received training from the Gemological Institute of America and have earned a proud reputation for service, quality, and value.

From the lagoon to you, the world's most precious natural gem and every woman's dream.