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Private Group Walking Tour Of The Undead

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Private Group Walking Tour Of The Undead

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Private Group Walking Tour Of The Undead - Private Group Walking Tour Of The Undead. Copyright


This comprehensive tour will help separate the men from the ghouls - heh! heh! heh!

Three things usually come to mind when one thinks of New Orleans - music, food and ghosts. On our second trip to this city, we took a walking ghost tour that was a disappointment. And don't look behind you when you travel back home!

Be careful. She'll put a spell on you!

This tour includes
- A local Priestess for your guide
- Visit the Madame Lalaurie house
- Enter St. Louis Cemetery I and the mortuary chapel
- Visit haunted sites, slave quarters, a pirate's pub
- See the red light district and the oldest buildings in New Orleans

If you have a yearning to delve into the mysteries of the dark side, you will be instructed to meet your guide into the past and future in a spirit-filled courtyard. She will weave her Storyteller's Magic around you and then take you inside the Haunted Slave Quarters nearby.

As you travel through at least six documented haunted sites AND a vampire's lair, you will learn the ways to protect yourself from those spirits.

Learn about the mystical marriages of European and Voodoo magic and the spells you can take home with you that focus on love and keep evil away. This woman was the first in the area to treat Voodoo as a serious part of area history and mystery. Even the point of departure of this tour has a ghost tale or two to get your minds started on the quest for the dark side.

During the tour you will learn about the most famous ghosts, their homes and their history, including the infamous Madame La Laurie, Julie the Naked Ghost, and privateer Jean LaFites. Learn the terror brought by the dreaded vampire, Loup Garou, along with other denizens of the night, affected the city. And get to the root of voodoo, how it started and infused itself into the culture of New Orleans' heart and soul.

- Please dress comfortably for this walking tour.
- You will be able to walk to the starting point from most hotels in the French Quarter or the fringe of the quarter.
- You will have directions for the public transportation from the cruise pier to the starting point on your voucher.
- No admissions are included. The sites on this standard tour require no admission.
- Food and beverages are not included in this tour.

- This tour is only offered to private ShoreTrips groups.
- We can schedule this for any evening but you must have your own group.

Days offered: Saturday, Sunday

  • 08:00 PM, duration: 2.15 hours Check in at 7:45pm. Tour begins at 8:00pm.