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Safari of the Scenes

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Explore the magical side of New Zealand and understand why this beautiful country was chosen to portray Middle-earth. The Queenstown area featured prominently in the filming of the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nomad Safaris operate two different Lord of the Rings tours. The Safari of the Scenes - Wakatipu (Tour A) combines a true 4WD tour with film locations from the LOTR trilogy. The Safari of the Scenes - Glenorchy (Tour B) is the perfect sightseeing trip through the valleys beyond Glenorchy encompassing pivotal Lord of the Rings Scenes. Both Safaris of the Scenes can be done in one day for a truly exciting experience.

Wakatipu Basin (Tour A)
The perfect tour for those that want the thrills of an off road adventure but also want to discover exciting Lord of the Rings film locations. The Wakatipu Basin tour takes you to The Remarkables, which were used as various mountains throughout the trilogy including the Misty Mountains. Travelling part way up this beautiful mountain range you get a birds eye view onto Deer Park Heights, which was used for the refugees of Rohan and the Battle of the Wargs scenes.

Travelling from The Remarkables we head to the Kawarau Gorge where the filming took place for the Argonath, or Pillars of the Kings. Leaving the Kawarau Gorge the trip heads to Arrowtown where the loss of The One Ring at Gladden Fields was filmed. Near Arrowtown you will experience some true off road adventure. Following a historic gold mining road up the Arrow River you will cross the river to get to the Ford of Bruinen. At this point you can indulge in morning or afternoon tea and try your hand at a spot of gold panning.

From Arrowtown you will travel to the entrance of Skippers Canyon where you will be offered spectacular panoramic views of the Wakatipu Basin and over Skippers Canyon.

Glenorchy (Tour B)
For Lord of the Rings fans, this is the trip where Nomad Safaris really does take you There and Back again. This scenic sightseeing tour includes recognisable film locations and stunning natural scenery. The Glenorchy Safari of the Scenes takes you from Queenstown to Glenorchy stopping at breath-taking viewpoints along the way.

Beyond Glenorchy follow the Dart River to the spectacular filming location for Isengard. This location offers stunning views of Mt Earnslaw. Heading to Paradise to discover the location for the Forest of Lothlorien. Leaving Glenorchy and returning towards Queenstown you will stop at 12 Mile Delta to explore the location of the Ithilien Camp.

The Safari of the Scenes - Glenorchy also includes locations from Xmen Origins: Wolverine, and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Safari of the Scenes

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Let Nomad Safaris take you on one of our personalised adventure tours to the NZ backcountry. Our award winning Safari of the Scenes will capture the heart of the most avid Lord of the Rings fans as our expert guides will explore with you spectacular filming locations.

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