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El Barri Gòtic

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Here you can experience something else: you can get to know Barcelona in different ways through the guided tours that you can book here. You'll discover the sights of the old town or important buildings of Modernist Barcelona's Eixample district, experience a tour of typical tapas bars or feel the affect of Picasso on Barcelona and get to view his works.

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The Barri Gòtic adjacent to the northeast side of the Ramblas.

Here began the history of Barcelona as the Roman settlement Barcino. The former main roads go through the district today. Most preserved monuments date from the 14th and 15 centuries, the heyday as a maritime power.
Many narrow and winding streets dominate the skyline of the Gothic quarter, the Barri Gòtic. The many sunny places before historic buildings gather around the cathedral, the heart of the Barri Gòtic.
The Barri Gòtic was in the 20s fully rehabilitated and now shines in a new lustre. Some of the most beautiful and most famous museums are located in this area.
Many small, but very specific shops can be found in the streets.

On the south-western side of the Rambla, seen from the sea left, is the part of the city Raval. Together with the Barri Gòtic Raval is the Old Town (Cuitat Vella) of Barcelona. Earlier, the Raval had a bad reputation, but in recent years, it had changed to a friendly quarter.

The sights of the Barri Gòtic

In no other part of town are so many monumental buildings and interesting museums.