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La Pedrera

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A 'Modernista' building

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A 'Modernista' building - La Pedrera. Copyright La Pedrera. Just a spacer

La Pedrera is probably one of the most famous buildings of the Modernista or Catalan Art Nouveau period and one of the architect Antoni Gaudí's most ambitious works. It is a container that is a work of art in itself.
Its singularity and artistic and heritage value are amply accredited by its inclusion in the city of Barcelona Artistic Heritage catalogue in 1962; by its declaration as Historical and Artistic Monument of National Interest by the Spanish government in 1969; or by its entry by UNESCO on its World Heritage list in 1984, for its exceptional universal value.

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Making Off espectacle 'Emocions en Moviment'

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La Pedrera today is a beacon shining with creation and knowledge, a great container full of content, which has a crucial role to play in the transformation of society and commitment to the people.

La Pedrera today shines with creativity and inspiration, a precious container that is a beacon of new ideas and new forms. As a cultural centre it houses outstanding art exhibitions and debates that connect with present and future lines of thought. The ideas behind them are often transgressive, in the spirit in which the building was erected.

La Pedrera aims to be an engine for change and innovation in all its lines of work and to provide food for thought for the people who visit it and take part in its activities, making it a world class dynamic centre for the construction of the society of the future, a society of value and with values.

La Pedrera has a catalogue of top level art exhibitions and events all year round, as well as a programme of shows, lecture seasons and debates that set the tone for a dynamic, changing society.

La Pedrera is a place where knowledge and learning are the keys to the construction of a rich, dynamic future society. That is why we at Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation have striven to offer new, more global and enticing, educational features for schools.

The La Pedrera educational programme has been completely renewed since 2011. A whole floor of the building is given over to classrooms with the most advanced equipment, with ideas that use the advantages of state-of-the-art interactive multimedia technologies to create absorbing experiences, with participatory games that allow the players to live surprising stories at first hand or to be the face unusual challenges and embark on searches and journeys of all kinds.

This, then, is a new, creative and innovatory way of approaching history!

La Pedrera is also equipped to put on cultural activities of all kinds with the aim of promoting the arts and ideas. Lectures, debates, concerts, dance, theatre, literature... a whole range of events that provide food for thought and enjoyment and make La Pedrera a dynamic, leading centre.

The Education Service for schools is located on the mezzanine of La Pedrera, with six classrooms for the activities and workshops. All the activities take an active, participatory didactic approach, with state-of-the-art technological and museum resources (multimedia and interactive) to support the learning. They introduce the students to intriguing periods and topics or take them on adventures involving the heritage.

The activities revolve around five axes: the building, Gaudí, Modernisme, architecture and nature.