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Born in the Southwest, raised in the Northwest, I have called the South Pacific home for nearly 25 years. I founded J2 Travels in the late 1990s to share our knowledge with other like minded travelers – remembering always, that the joy is in the journey. I currently live on Maui, I'm endorsed by IATA, and am a member of the Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand Tourism Boards.

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Ninamu Resort

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Ninamu Resort

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Ninamu Resort - Ninamu Resort. Copyright Ninamu Resort.

Ninamu Resort is an all inclusive destination catering to luxury seeking outdoor enthusiasts. Hidden away on a motu in the southwest corner of the French Polynesian atoll of Tikehau, Ninamu serves as the perfect launch pad for divers, fishermen, kiteboarders, surfers, paddlers or anyone who simply loves relaxing in and around tropical waters that are bursting with life and energy. Everyone should experience a pristine atoll in the middle of the South Pacific once in their life, your private paradise awaits!

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Ninamu Resort

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About 200 miles north by northeast of the main French Polynesia island of Tahiti lies the Tikehau Atoll, a spectacular crown of coral and sand 16 miles long and 14 miles wide. That thin white line of coral, sand and palm trees is no more than half a mile wide, but it encircles a lagoon of pristine, otherworldly beauty – a place Jacques Cousteau visited in 1987 and found a greater variety of fish species than any other place in French Polynesia.

Hidden away on a private island in the southwest corner of the atoll, the Ninamu (Nee-Nah-Moo) Resort is a watersportsman retreat that caters to surfers, divers, fishermen, kite surfers, SUPpers and anyone who loves cruising along the surface or just below in warm, tropical waters that are bursting with life and energy. Everyone should experience a pristine atoll in the middle of the South Pacific once in their life – because it's nice to know that isolated beauty like this still exists.

Each bungalow is unique in design and character, and can accommodate different guests needs; from large families and groups of friends, to singles and couples.

In addition to the guest bungalows, the restaurant and lounge serves as a social gathering spot with sweeping views of the lagoon, reef and sea. Breakfasts typically consist of cereals, homemade bread, locally produced organic honey, jams, bacon, sausages and eggs cooked to order. For lunches and dinners we source our produce, poultry and pork products from Eden Isle. Eden is a totally organic, family run farm located on the other side of the atoll. The fish, which we catch and prepare daily (mahi mahi, yellow fin, wahoo, bonito, etc), redefines the word fresh.

At Ninamu Resort, we take great pride in minimizing our footprint on our beautiful surroundings. Our resort operates completely off the grid. We produce our own power, capture and filter our own water, as well as source the vast majority of our produce, poultry and pork from local, organic sources.

Travel Agent Reviews

Review date:   January 15, 2018 1:06PM
Review:   Recommended for: Divers

Pros: From one of my clients, who stayed at Ninamu and Royal Huahine: "Ninamu was a bit more friendly & relaxed. One of the guests described it as Robinson Crusoe meets the Ritz Carlton, which I thought summed it up perfectly. The food was phenomenal - French chef on-site. The owner is Australian and all staff spoke English. All of the guests visiting while I was there were American. With only 6 bungalows & communal meals, I spent a lot of time with the other guests. They would send several boats out per day for snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and outings to other islands (Bird Island & Blue Lagoon). The guests got to choose and sometimes they would have several boats going out if people wanted to do different things. The snorkeling was excellent: we went to all the dive sites at the Pass (these were relatively shallow) - saw grey sharks, turtles and also got to see manta rays, Coral Garden (very shallow) and explore the fish traps which did not require scuba. They had fins, masks, and short fins available. All of these activities were free of charge. Scuba required arrangements with one of two outfits on Tikehau and was billed directly by the scuba shop.".

Cons: No A/C and semi-open bungalows with hordes of mosquitoes at dawn & dusk. They had nets in the rooms. It would be essential to bring DEET based repellent!

Travel Agent:  
Teresa Nelle, Avenue Two Travel, a Virtuoso Agency   Teresa Nelle
Avenue Two Travel, a Virtuoso Agency
Lahaina, HI US

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Review date:   July 11, 2018 4:32PM
Review:   We decided to break up our plush honeymoon with a stay at an eco lodge and we weren’t disappointed. There is a lodge, 6-8 cabins, a shed of outdoor gear and palm trees on the entire island. That is it. It is a great venue to just get away, read a book, SUP, or snorkel. The bungalows are built out of coral and thatched roofs. They are open air which is incredible (just don’t be surprised when a lizard is crawling around). We woke up to the sunrise every morning. Food: As an eco lodge on a deserted island does mean that you are at the whim of the supply ship. While that limited the mixers at the bar, there was plenty of alcohol. Surprisingly this did NOT affect the meal quality. Chef was a magician. (It didn’t hurt to have fresh Ono caught by the fishing excursion the day before). Staff: everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The bartender/server, Cedric, was always present to chat with. He was a proper Frenchman who embraced the island approach to life. Beyond being a magician, Chef was super friendly and a great host.
Author:   Nolan Reis
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 25, 2018 12:00AM
Review:   Just as you'd expect from the pictures. Heaven on Earth, with dishes that would adore any Michelin star restaurant. Fantastic hosts, and just the right level of accommodation and amenities.
Author:   Alon Golan
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   November 25, 2016 5:07AM
Review:   Unique bungalows, each one constructed by the owner. Paradise. Excellent place to experience polinesia: snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing... Very good local food and cocktails
Author:   Antoni guinovart caballé
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   January 3, 2017 10:17PM
Review:   Polinisean style of stay. Romantic and organic. Water perfectly blue with fish like an aquarium
Author:   William Wulff
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   December 22, 2016 11:52PM
Review:   Beautiful island resort, all natural. Make sure you book yourself a few months earlier.
Author:   Esther L
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