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Private: Albufera Natural Park, Paella Lunch And Lladro

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Albufera Natural Park, Paella Lunch And Lladro

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Albufera Natural Park, Paella Lunch And Lladro - Private:  Albufera Natural Park, Paella Lunch And Lladro. Copyright Just a spacer


This combination will be the highlight of your entire trip - promise!

You begin your excursion with a ride to one of the few remaining Barracas. These houses feature a unique style of design, made from mud and rees from the lake, that dates back centuries. You are given a chance to explore this historical wonder before you board your comfortable, sturdy fishing boat.

Once on your boat, you glide effortlessly through The Albufera, first in the marshes and then in the open water. Rich in sensory ecstasies, this portion of the trip is truly unforgettable. Make sure to keep your eyes open as you witness a prism of colors glistening under the Mediterranean sun. The delights are not solely visual, however, as you soon discover. You are fortunate enough to be in the audience of nature's symphony featuring the rustling of the rice ears, the low hum of the pine woods, the chirping of a myriad of birds, and the whistling of the reeds conducted by the breeze. You are also exposed to the heady fragrance of orange blossoms lining orchard after orchard surrounding the lake.

After your boat ride, you'll discover that Albufera is also the location of the few remaining original "barracas" houses, historic fishing homes, one of which you will be fortunate to visit. These homes are constructed from adobe and finished with straw roofs, lacking in electricity and running water and are great examples of sustainable architecture.

It is now time to learn how traditional paella is made during a visit to a local restaurant. Your guide will explain the recipe as you see how the paella is finished. This succulent rice and seafood (or meat) dish, thought of outside of Spain as that country’s national dish, actually originated right here in Albufera and is known inside of Spain as a Valencian specialty.

Lunch is accompanied by several types of fresh salads. We highly recommend you enjoy the wine that is offered as a beverage option. This tour always delivers beyond your expectations and by removing yourself from the congested city life, you will create a special memory forever.

After lunch, your guide will take you on a 30 minute ride to the Lladro factory. Inside you will be given a private tour and learn the incredible steps that these artisans take to bring this special art form to life. If you wish you can select a piece from the showroom afterwards, which looks more like a museum than a store. Your choice can be shipped home for you or you may take it with you.

- The price of this tour includes the option of a bottled water, soft drink, wine, beer or horchata.
- There is a restroom available at the site of the barraca.

- The Llardo factory is open every day except for Sunday, although it is open a few Sundays throughout the year.
- Please alert ShoreTrips in advance of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 6.5 hours
  • 10:00 AM, duration: 6.5 hours