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Private Vehicle To Chichen Itza

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Private Vehicle To Chichen Itza

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Private Vehicle To Chichen Itza - Private Vehicle To Chichen Itza. Copyright Just a spacer


You're in charge of your day!

Take control of your day on the Yucatan peninsula and open yourself up to any impromptu stop that catches your eye. With a private vehicle and licensed, English speaking driver at your disposal for 11 hours you will have the opportunity to handcraft an all encompassing day. With a pick up right at your hotel lobby you will disembark to discover the hidden beauty of colonial towns and ecological hubs. Have your pick!

This perfect stop on the way to Chichen-Itza will give you an inside look at the traditional Mayan way of life. Founded in 1543 C.E. this charming colonial town is known for its local crafts and easily distinguished cultural landmarks. Make sure you visit the central town square, Parque Fransisco Canton Rosado, to explore the intriguing character of Yucatan architecture.

Dzinub Cenote
Throw on your swimming suit for what could be the most unique swimming experience of your life! The poplar roots and stalactites hanging from above coupled with the crystal blue water around you make this the ultimate underground oasis. Go ahead and search for images yourself, sometimes words just can't do it justice.

It isn't possible to be unimpressed by this grandiose capital of the Itzaes. One of the largest Mayan Cities in the world, Chichen Itza represents the pinnacle of this civilization's time on the peninsula. Everything from the majestic pyramid of Kukulcan to the Mayan astronomic observatory will leave you amazed by the ingenuity necessary for its creation.

With research still in progress some believe Ek-Balam could end up being a more traveled to settlement than Chichen-Itza. The main temples which housed governors and priests are considered sacred town centers which can be determined by their location within the walls of the city. The "common" citizen found their home on the outskirts of the walls and were on their own for protection. Many believe the main purpose of the walls was for defense against invading attackers and last ditch efforts to expand them can found throughout the grounds.

- Light sportswear, swimsuits, towels, walking shoes, hat, camera, and sunscreen are recommended.
- Bottled water is provided.

- Entrance fees are as follows:
Chichen Itza: 27 USD/Children: 5 USD
Ek Balam: 23 USD/Children: 5 USD
Dzinub: 8 USD/Children: 4 USD
Valladolid: Free
Lunch Buffet at Xay Beh Restaurant: 10 USD/Children: 5 USD
- At all archaeological sites in Mexico, there is an $8-$10 charge for bringing a video camera.
- Children's rates apply for ages 1-12.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:00 AM, duration: 11 hours
  • 09:00 AM, duration: 11 hours