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The Quiet Side Of Acadia

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The Quiet Side Of Acadia

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The Quiet Side Of Acadia - The Quiet Side Of Acadia. Copyright Just a spacer


Lobster! Lobster! Lobster!

Many people don't realize that Acadia National Park is technically located on an island. MDI or Mount Desert Island is the second largest island on the eastern seaboard, only trailing Long Island!

Like any place you travel there is always "hidden gems" that often go overlooked and throughout the beauties of Mount Desert Island the story is no different. Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the cruise ship pier and experience the quiet side of New England, the way it is meant to be seen.

On your way to the southwest side of Acadia National Park you will overlook Historic Bar Harbor's Victorian mansions which date all the way back to the gilded age and represent coastal New England architecture in its purest form. Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller constantly praised the region and owned many properties along the coast! Your first stop will be historic Somesville which is known as the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island and provides the best views of Somes Sound. Considered by many as the "only fjord on the East Coast" this off shoot of water created by glaciers played an integral role in forming the impressive landscape around you.

Your journey will continue to the quaint fishing village of Southwest Harbor as you approach the areas famous Seawall. Made up of granite and loose boulders this spot is the most sought after location by campers coming to Acadia for a long weekend. The ocean and forests are too inviting to just observe from the vehicle so take advantage of the nearby Ships Harbor Trail and take a guided walk through a beautiful Spruce Forest. This 1.3 mile trail provides an easy way to get a taste of the secluded shoreline.

It isn't a trip to Maine without the exploration of a lighthouse and the one stationed in Bass Harbor might be the most picturesque. It was built in 1858 after congress deemed there was "sufficient need" to increase safety on the water and by 1988 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

We wouldn't send you back to the pier without a full stomach so fire up your taste buds for a traditional lobster dinner on Great Harbor. Have a 1.25 pound lobster all to yourself while enjoying a famous Maine tradition!

- Park entrance fees are not included in the cost and will be paid on the day of the tour. This will be $50 for the vehicle.
- The cost of lunch is not included in the price of the tour. The estimate per person for a full lobster meal is approximately $40 per person.

- This excursion is not wheelchair accessible.
- The Lobster Pound is closed before Memorial Day and after Columbus Day. A Lobster lunch at a great family owned location will be provided in its place.
- For groups larger than 6 we will use a 14 passenger van. Please note these vehicles are very limited so book in advance. Contact ShoreTrips if you have any questions.
- These tours have the ability to go into locations of Acadia Park that are not available to larger vehicles. The space inside the vans is limited and the seating is 1 person in front with driver/guide, 2 in second row and 3 people in the rear. If this will be uncomfortable for your group we suggest you book just 4 people per vehicle.
- This tour has many stops requiring you to exit the vehicle and is not advisable for those with limited mobility.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 5 hours
  • 01:00 PM, duration: 5 hours