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Western Acadia Park, Antique Cars And Lobster Combo

Explore > United States > Maine > Western Acadia Park, Antique Cars And Lobster Combo

Western Acadia Park, Antique Cars And Lobster Combo

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Western Acadia Park, Antique Cars And Lobster Combo - Western Acadia Park, Antique Cars And Lobster Combo. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


This encompassing tour is a show-and-tell of Bar Harbor and its surroundings.

As much as we love downtown Bar Harbor, we always recommend travelers check out all of what the area has to offer. Each side of the island has its own unique flare and character.

As you start your tour in Downtown Bar Harbor you will hear about the historic corridor of the city and head to Acadia National Park - hopefully before the crowds descend. By taking the Park Loop Road, you will be able to stop for some photo opts of Cadillac Mountain while listening to the story of the Great Fire of 1947.

Moving on to Somesville which was settled in 1761, you will stop at the Somesville Bridge and Mount Desert Historical Museum and learn the history of the Saw Mills, quarrying, and the French and Indian War. Meandering through the streets in your vehicle you will see historic homes and view the only fjord on the east coast, the Somes Sound.

You will travel to Long Pond viewing over 7 beautiful miles, while discussing the history of the western side of the island, which includes major industries of logging, fishing, boatbuilding and quarrying, while you pass through Pretty Marsh. Soon after, arrive at Seal Cove Auto Museum.

This private Paine Collection that you will see is a world-class assemblage of early antique cars in a huge warehouse on a back road. You can take a self-guided tour and see the wide variety of antique autos and motorcycles (over 60) from an 1899 DeDion Bouton to a 1924 Mercer, with special emphasis on examples from the "Brass Era" (1895-1917). Each has a full history of explanation through pictures and signage. Many of the vehicles have been restored to world-class condition while others remain in their original, unrestored shape. Many are one-of-a-kind!

After absorbing all that fascinating history, we will break the spell with a stop at the Bass Harbor fishing village. The old Underwood Canning Factory, the history of the sardine industry, the Morris Rich Lobster Wharf and the ferry terminal await your visit. It is here that you stop for lunch on the waterfront with views of working lobster boats. Lunch is a steamed 1.25 lb. lobster, French fries or rice, and choice of salad, veggies or coleslaw, along with a soft drink or coffee/tea. Finish with a slice of blueberry pie and a short walk on the pier before finally visiting the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. There see the original keepers' house before continuing your drive along the coast.

Your return trip will take you to the only Natural Seawall in Maine, Southwest Harbor, and a ride passing Eagle Lake back into Acadia Park, finding again the perfect time as the crowds have diminished. We will then drop you back at the pier.

- Admission to the Seal Cove Auto Museum is included in the price.
- Entrance to Acadia National Park is included in the tour cost, allowing you to avoid lines upon arrival to the National Park.

- The Lobster Pound is closed before Memorial Day and after Columbus Day. A Lobster lunch at a great family owned location will be provided in its place.
- The cost of lunch is not included in the price of the tour. The estimate per person for a full lobster meal is approximately $40 per person.
- For groups larger than 6 we will use two vehicles or 14 passenger vans. Contact ShoreTrips if you have any questions.
- These tours have the ability to go into locations of Acadia Park that are not available to larger vehicles. The space inside the vans is limited and the seating is 1 person in front with driver/guide, 2 in second row and 3 people in the rear. If this will be uncomfortable for your group we suggest you book just 4 people per vehicle.
- This tour has many stops requiring you to exit the vehicle and is not advisable for those with limited mobility.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:00 AM, duration: 5 hours
  • 01:00 PM, duration: 5 hours