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Piper Fenton   Meet Piper, one of our travel experts for Dominican Republic.

Piper is the founder of honeymoon specialty travel company Remarkable Honeymoons, and an award-winning agent with almost 30 years experience. She's a Virtuoso agent, and winner of WeddingWire's Couples Choice awards every year from 2014-2022. She is well versed in international travel after having visited dozens of countries in her career, and also through her studies abroad living in both Mexico and France. From the Orient Express, to tenting in Nepal, to flying the Concord, she's had many wonderful travel experiences.

Santo Domingo Past And Present

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Santo Domingo Past And Present

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Santo Domingo Past And Present - Santo Domingo Past And Present. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Santo Domingo is a real surprise. Its historic, modern and fascinating.

Regardless of our feelings when we arrive at a new destination, our time spent exploring and understanding new cultures brings a familiarity that creates a connection. Here, again, we felt unsure of Santo Domingo when we came in late at night, exhausted from our flights. But by the middle of the first day, we got our bearings, chatted with locals and felt comfortable once again.

It will be hard to fathom the size and the diversity in Santo Domingo. First there is the Zona Colonial, which was given the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. Remembering that this island was the beginning of European development of the Western Hemisphere, which began more than 500 years ago. Much of the Colonial Zone is walkable and your guide will do so with you wherever possible. You will see the Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the New World, as well as the Fortress, the Royal Houses, the Plaza Independencia and, of course, Alcázar de Colón - the Palace of Columbus.

As you travel outside the colonial city, you will see beautiful residential areas and the malécon, the main coastal road, and you will get a sense of the bustle of a modern day city. A 20-minute stop will be made at the Columbus Lighthouse, the monument erected to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the New World. A descendant of Columbus traveled to the island for that celebration. Nearby are the National Palace, a beautiful estate, as well as the Plaza de la Cultura, which is dedicated to the cultural and intellectual development of the Dominicans and built in the early 70s.

Last but not forgotten is some souvenir shopping. As the Dominican Republic is famous for its cigars and its amber, both will be on the shopping stops. You will be going to the best of these stops so you will have to remember that this city is centered around its locals and is only recently seeing tourists. That means the stores will not be glamourous but the up side is that the prices are fair.

A licensed guide will be with you on this tour. Please dress comfortably. You will be walking in parts of this tour.

Your admissions not included in cost: Alcazar de Colon is $3.25 and the caves are $2. The cost of the Royal Court Museum is $2 per person. The entrance to the cathedral is $5 per group (up to 5), $9 (up to 10).

On Sundays, the cathedral is closed to the public, in which case a substitute stop will be made. Lunch is not included.

This trip is able to accommodate larger numbers as well. If you have a group, please contact ShoreTrips groups' department for pricing.

You are asked not to wear shorts or short skirts.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 07:30 AM, duration: 8 hours Times are flexible; contact ShoreTrips prior to booking for alternate times
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