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Ho Chi Minh City Two Day Interlude With Hotel

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Make the most of your time in Vietnam's most intriguing city!

Day 1:
Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City! With a guide accompanying you directly off the cruise ship pier you will make your way into the most populous metropolitan area in Vietnam. Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has everything from historic Pagodas to stunning skyscrapers making it one of the most intriguing destinations in all of Vietnam.

Dive into the depths of Vietnamese history as you make your way to the Reunification Palace which was once home to the president of South Vietnam and stands as the site where the Vietnam war ended. Make sure you bring your camera to capture the North Vietnamese tanks that crashed through the palaces gates back in 1975 and still serve as a reminder today. Once inside you will be able to explore the many rooms that appear to be untouched creating an atmosphere hard to find at other monuments. Make sure to take a look in the war command room which is littered with campaign maps and old communication equipment.

Your panoramic city tour continues with photo stops at the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office. The historic cathedral is located at a picturesque corner in downtown Ho Chi Minh city and will leave you standing in amazement at its unique French Colonial design. It most recently made the news in 2005 when thousands of people stopped traffic in its square with the belief that tears were falling from the Virgin Mary statue just outside its doors. Just a short distance away is the cities Central Post Office. You will quickly see why this isn't your typical mailing grounds and represents one of the most visited sites in Ho Chi Minh city. Charmed by its vaulted interior, glass canopy and towering portrait of Ho Chi Minh, visiting your post office back home will give you flashbacks to this famous structure.

A stop at the former home of US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge will give you an inside look at the life of the man who carried out the mission of overthrowing the Southern Government. The house in which Mr. Lodge lived from 1960-1965 is a mix of Vietnamese, French and American architectural styles. Today it is a private residence of a local family. Sit back and relax during a 10-minute documentary film on the United States involvement in the area and Henry Cabot Lodge's profound impact on Vietnam's history.

Following your lunch at a delicious local restaurant, you will take a short drive to District 5 and visit the Thien Hau Temple. Dedicated to the Lady of the Sea this temple represents the Chinese influence on the region and serves as a home to worshipers from the local Chinese community. Don't miss out on a chance to take part in a local custom as you make a wish, write it on a small card and attach it to one of the many incense coils.

Day 2:
There isn't a better place to have an in-depth reflection on the Vietnam war than the Cu Chi Tunnels. Considered the most famous battlegrounds in the country, these tunnels represent the core of the guerrilla combat style used by the Viet Cong throughout the war. The initial purpose of the tunnels, beginning in 1948, was to protect their army from French air and ground sweeps but eventually turned into an intricate aspect of their war initiative. Serving as communication routes, food and weapon storage facilities, living quarters and hospitals, the Cu Chi Tunnels embody the lifeline of this region's Viet Cong.

Endless attempts were made by American troops to control the area surrounding the Cu Chi Tunnels but countless roadblocks popped up. From the use of napalm to the bulldozing of villages, every plan of attack to uncover the complex tunnel system just led to more confusion. After years of destruction, the resilient area has now doubled in population with the still intact tunnels serving as a reminder of its torrid past.

- Lunch is included in price except for drinks.
- The drive from the Phu My port to Ho Chi Minh city is about 2.5 hours each way.

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