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Anne Leveque   Meet Anne, one of our travel experts for Viet Nam.

I specialize in creating combination tours with multiple destinations e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam combo, within a region, all inter linked smoothly, convenient and affordable routing. Of course, I will also book a single destination of your choice. My formal background is a BS in Biological Science, and MA in education/administration and an MFA in Fine Arts, UCLA. I have held several Assistant Professorships, as well as a career Painter and Writer of Plays which have been produced and represented in Hawaii and Asia. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing and Oh Yes...TRAVEL!

Hue, The Imperial City

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Hue, The Imperial City

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Hue, The Imperial City - Hue, The Imperial City. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


The intellectual, cultural, and spiritual heart of Vietnam is Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We loved the ride from Da Nang to Hue. You will travel past China Beach, over bridges, through a tunnel, into mountains and through multiple small villages with rice fields and water buffalo. It was fascinating.

Hue, located on the banks of the Perfume River, is one of Vietnam's most charming towns. It has much to see and mostly, feel. It is home to an architectural gem that time has forgotten, an ancient religious capital, and nature reserves so dense that new creatures are discovered frequently.

Once you arrive into Hue, you will take a short cyclos ride, a pedal rickshaw, to the Imperial Citadel, which UNESCO has added to its list of World Heritage sites. As you enter through the towering main gate, you will appreciate the magnificent architecture and gardens while your guide explains the events and the intrigue of the former royal court. Despite being heavily bombed, there are some incredible sections still intact and others that are lovingly restored. A short film runs constantly and helps you understand the impact of this era in Vietnam.

Lunch is served at one of the finest restaurants in the city, Ancient Hue Restaurant. This set menu is included in your tour. Beverages will be additional.

Refreshed, we will drive you to the outskirts of the city to see the most remarkable site, the Khai Dinh Royal Tomb. With each step you climb, you come closer to a true monument that this emperor built to honor himself. Though he was emperor for 9 years, it took 11 years to build and the interior is worth every step you take to reach the tomb. The architecture and atmosphere showcase elements of eastern art and western designs. The mosaics are incredible.

Your ride back to Da Nang and your ship's departure will allow you to reflect on an amazing city and its history.

- The drive is 1.5 hours each way to Hue.
- You will be enjoying multiple forms of transporation. A very small gratuity, even a couple of dollars, is most appreciated by the cyclos driver.
- You may be required to remove your shoes in temples. If you have an aversion to this, we suggest surgical booties.
- You will have to dress respectfully in temples.
- Gratuities are not included.

- Please note there is surcharge pricing for all National and New Year holidays as well as peak season. You will be notified of any increased costs prior to confirmation. Contact ShoreTrips with any questions.
- GRATUITIES / TIPS: Please consider your guide and/or driver (if applicable) if you are pleased with your day. A gratuity is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.
- ShoreTrips is not responsible for items left behind.

Days offered: 7 days a week

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