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The Original Juneau Salmon Bake

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The Original Juneau Salmon Bake, But That's Not All

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The Original Juneau Salmon Bake, But That's Not All - The Original Juneau Salmon Bake. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


Whether you like salmon or not, you will have lots of fun at this traditional event.

The last time we visited Alaska, we enjoyed this salmon bake while in Juneau. What a wonderful highlight, with something for everyone. Happy faces greet you while the aroma of salmon floats through the air. A rustic setting is the background for numerous activities, including a special fire for roasting marshmallows. The nature walk offers a neat look into the woods and its critters. Music is playing. People are coming and going. Everyone is happy!

You really have to try a salmon bake at one of your port stops. The salmon, which you will see spawning on every river from mid-June through September, are fresh, thick, and delicious. For those of you who prefer other choices, you will also find BBQ chicken. The entrees are accompanied by a host of salads, including Caesar, coleslaw, rice pilaf, and BBQ beans with reindeer sausage, as well as dessert, and, as this is all-you-can-eat, you may try everything more than once.

You will be outdoors, but in a protected area, which will allow you to roast marshmallows over an open fire. Music will accompany your meal whether you dine at lunch or dinner. And you will be able to explore a little before or after your meal, as the Salmon Creek waterfall and the Wagner Mine are right nearby.

This is a great value, as the ride up is narrated and you will be going through Juneau proper.

- Dress comfortably and bring your camera.
- Tour times vary daily and will be assigned upon confirmation. During check out you will have a choice between a morning or afternoon program. We will also ask if you have any other tours booked while in port.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • , duration: 2 hours Morning. Tour time will be assigned upon confirmation.
  • , duration: 2 hours Afternoon. Tour time will be assigned upon confirmation.