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Walk The Streets Of Classical Rome

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Walk The Streets Of Classical Rome

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See ancient Rome, including the Pantheon, beneath the modern city.

This is not a traditional walking tour company. The people who lead these walks are specialists -- art historians, classicists, archaeologists, architects -- who possess a deep knowledge of the city. They lead the walks like professors lead seminar classes, with in-depth conversations about themes and topics related to Rome, using the city itself as a text book. Participants should be prepared for their itineraries to take a variety of different courses, depending on the guide, the tour group members, the season and conditions in the city on any given day. There are no scripts and no guidebook lists of facts.

This company is devoted to sustainable tourism, and a certain part of all their itineraries deals with ways that our participants can help preserve the cultural heritage of the cities where they operate.

This shared small-group walking tour includes
• Classical scholar, archaeologist or architect guide
• Walking tour of the historical center of Rome
• Focus on the swath of the city (outside of Palatine Hill, the Colosseum and the Forum) that houses a profusion of archaeological sites & ruins
• Highlights include Theatre of Marcellus, Field of Mars, Pantheon, Temple of Hadrian & column of Marcus Aurelius.

This fascinating and comprehensive walking tour uses the historical center of the city as a text for reading the history and legacy of ancient Rome. Further, it traces the slow crumbling of the city at the end of its dominance.

Our itinerary begins along the banks of the Tiber River with the temples of Hercules Victor and Portunus, two Republican-era structures that have been restored and remade many times over, reflecting the layered nature of the city.

The churches of S. Maria in Cosmedin and San Nicola in Carcere also present opportunities to see how Rome has built upon itself, with ancient Roman elements absorbed into their architecture.

We will continue our exploration with the Theatre of Marcellus, through Largo Argentina and through the Campus Martius (Field of Mars), the ancient training ground of the Roman army, where we will encounter the Pantheon, the Temple of Hadrian and the column of Marcus Aurelius.

With so many important monuments to consider and a dense layering of history, the actual course of this walk varies from day to day, depending on the academic background of the guide leading it and the preferences of the group participating.

Regardless, this tour will provide a broad and deep understanding of classical Rome and how it has shaped the modern city.

This is a shared, small group (2-6 people) walking tour. Unless there are 6 people in your group, you may be touring with other travelers. If you would prefer a private tour, call ShoreTrips at 888-355-0220 or 414-964-2100.
• Walks are held rain or shine with some variations to accommodate the weather.
• For several reasons, this tour may run a bit longer than planned, and we recommend that you not schedule another activity immediately after this one. This can occur because Rome, in certain seasons, sees large numbers of visitors. In addition, because this tour is tailored to the interests of those taking it, as well as the scholar guide, the itinerary is not always exactly the same.
• Please keep in mind that this price is exclusive of entrance fees. Your itinerary is not like that of a typical sightseeing tour, and often your guide will veer off course and take in some other site, as determined by the course the discussion is taking. Because of this, it is difficult to determine ahead of time the costs that might be incurred while on the tour. By definition, it's impossible to predict this ahead of time.

• A minimum of 2 people required for this tour.
• Maximum of 6 people.
• This tour is not available on Sundays nor on Dec. 31, 2012.
• Minimum age is 12 years old.
• Dress comfortably for the weather.
• ShoreTrips and our partners do our best to insure that every stop described is available for your visit. There are some times when a site or building is closed at the last moment with little or no warning. We assume that those in charge make their decisions based on external information and for the visitors' safety and we apologize when this causes inconvenience and disappointment.

Days offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • 03:00 PM, duration: 4 hours Duration of tour is approximate.