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Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa

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Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa

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Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa - Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa. Copyright Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa, Samoa.

Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa provides casual elegance in a relaxed atmosphere. Coconuts is much more than a resort. It is an experience. And, the Coconuts Experience is what brings many guests returning year after year after year.

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Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa truly embodies all that is unique and wonderful about culturally-rich Samoa.

The unsurpassed location of Coconuts offers guests the opportunity to witness amazing sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. While quite private and secluded, Coconuts is also close to many of the islands' amazing sights and vistas.

As the only overwater bungalow resort in Samoa, Coconuts Beach Club is an interesting collection of accommodation that is particularly popular with Australians and Kiwis. Featuring two overwater bungalows, which they refer to as 'over-the-water fales' in their literature, the resort also has beach bungalows, royal beach villas, normal hotel rooms and suites, as well as "treehouse rooms" in a special jungle-themed building.

Mika's Restaurant is widely recognized as offering the finest cuisine in all of Samoa. And, Coconuts Meal Deal allows guests to take full advantage of the fresh, innovative, island cuisine.

Coco's Spa is a dedicated spa facility with internationally trained therapists providing a full range of spa treatment options.

The location on Samoa is ideal for water sports of all kinds, including surfing and scuba diving. There is also a wide variety of tours available so guests can easily experience the beauty and special places on the island. This can include car rentals, guided tours, surfing, scuba diving, and much more.

The gecko-shaped swimming pool at Coconuts features a swim-up, thatched roof pool bar, and plenty of sun loungers and thatched shade umbrellas. The Activities Fale contains snorkel and kayak gear allowing you to explore the lagoon and nearby mangrove estuary.

This is a moderately priced resort that offers excellent value to go along with the great weather and beautiful setting.

Google Reviews

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Review date:   June 18, 2018 8:08AM
Review:   Love the room and shower bath. Very go with the flow place. If you can get the upstairs rooms, do. Has NZ And American plugs. Bring your own shampoo and insect repellent. Extremely restfull. Its a resort bring you credit card or get the food and drink deal.
Author:   sandy beach
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   July 9, 2018 10:51AM
Review:   First impression of Samoa is of a very nice, green and clean island. The locals are beautiful and friendly people and really care about their island looking nice. Many of the roads around the villages and houses are lined with lots of beautifuls and colourful plants and flowers. Magnific! The hotel I stayed in, the Coconuts Beach Club Resort is a very nice property with beautiful landscaped gardens and a nice beach. It has the nice tropical island holiday feel. I must say that the beach is a bit nicer further down on the left in front of the Sinalei Beach Resort though. As service and entertainment go, the Coconuts Beach Club Resort does not live up to expectations. It is quite an expensive  resort but there is mostly no night entertainment, no TV in the rooms and no included internet. It is very odd for this type of resort to not even offer a minimum internet for the guests. If you want it they have it, but it will cost you dearly. Considering that the resort is quite isolated and that there is nothing around, unless you  are into early bed time nights, you will be disappointed. Tonight for example the notice board said "movie night" but the people at reception told me "not tonight...may be tomorrow". I think I disturbed their conversation and they looked at me like I was bothering them. So plenty of time to write this review!!! From the time you arrive to this resort they try to sell you all sort of trips, activities and excursions. Which are all very expensive. But they tell you that they want to make it the best for you and they have your best interest at heart. It all feels like they are trying to squeeze every last $ they can out of you. Given that all staff are Samoan, and Samoans are really generous and friendly, my guess is that this sort of greedy approach is a resort management's policy inculcated in the staff. If you choose the included breakfast you will be disappointed. After paying over $300US per night you would expect a good buffet breakfast. You would be wrong!!! All you get is a very poor light continental breakfast with some fruit (not much at all) one slice of toast and one muffin. The percolated coffee is not great, but you can get refills!!! And if you want to swap the coffee for a juice they want to charge you extra. Very disappointing for a resort this expensive to be so penny pinching. And if you have dinner here do not forget to bring a torch because the lighting  in the restaurant  (as in the rooms and in the rest of the resort) is so poor that you really need a torch to read the menu. Another thing I did not like is that their website  quotes you the price in US$. Then they charge your credit card in local currency  (WST), but they apply the US to WST exchange rate as if you were actually exchanging cash US$  into cash WST at the hotel so  they make at least  an extra 5% on their inflated exchange rate. Very sneaky and greedy! I have not tried the other resorts in the area, but this one, although in a very nice location, was a bit disappointing and I would not come back. The staff on the other hand, as all Samoans, are great.
Author:   m e
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 13, 2018 11:23PM
Review:   Been there 5 times.....this should say it all. Quiet, relaxing beachfront. Spacious fale's. Good food at restaurant. Cultural experiences. Relax in the spa having a message. Swim. Boat trips. Day village trips. Evening cultural dancing and fire shows. Good waterfront bar. Pool bar.
Author:   D Ha
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   April 24, 2018 10:57PM
Review:   A beautiful classic beach resort. Completely professional, warm and welcoming, Coconuts doesn’t have the sterile modern resort feel. Trees are tall and vegetation is richly wrapped around each bungalow. The abundant wildlife of birds, fish and crustaceans are a good sign of this richness. Every meal was a treat with food that was amazing! Dinner was really something to look forward to specially with the live music by the Coconuts Quartet of string instrument players. Their finely polished and beautifully harmonized sound matched the atmosphere perfectly. The resort staff were individually kind and caring folk with fluent English skills. Some kindly showed me their craftwork in the handmade tools they used while all seemed genuinely happy in their work. The dedication and caring in the staff clearly came from the top apparently headed by a young man named Oke. His compassion and professional standard toward our family was outstanding, especially as an example for my boys. Still room for improvement though. The house red wines, listed as Merlot, Shiraz or CabSav, all tasted like they came from the same gallon box. I didn’t get into any other wines, it was the perfect place for whiskey and soda highballs. Overall, Coconuts is extremely clean with caring staff, interesting guests, beautifully built wooden buildings and fales. Coconuts is a comfortable place to relax and forget about the world.
Author:   Joe Darling
Rating (out of 3 stars):  

Review date:   January 22, 2018 12:37AM
Review:   Possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been. The resort was fantastic, as well as the food and service. I will return...heaven on earth!
Author:   Carol Kleinman
Rating (out of 3 stars):