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Private Garden Isle Of Kauai

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The Garden Isle Of Kauai...A Private Tour

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The Garden Isle Of Kauai...A Private Tour - Private Garden Isle Of Kauai. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


We'll show you Kauai's best sites and make a few shopping stops in between.

There is a great difference between experiencing Kauai by a large group motor coach tour and our Facinating Kauai Private Tour. Although this private excursion costs more than a bus trip, you will never have to wait for 50 people to move in and out of the bus. You'll be able to stop if you see something that catches your eye. Your guide will direct all of his attention to you. Your shopping stops won't be at places that cater to bus loads. You will be comfortable, well informed and relaxed throughout the day.

Today, in four hours, your guide will give you an overview of this wonderful, garden island. We'll visit Lihue (Kauai's seat of government) before venturing out into the countryside to Poipu Beach Park. Poipu is located near the southernmost tip of Kauai. The beaches in this area are favorites for snorkeling and scuba diving. There is no shortage of fun in the sun in Poipu!

Also included in today's itinerary is Opaeka'a Falls Lookout. The Wailua River makes a dramatic plunge from the high cliffs to create Opaeka'a Falls, which means "rolling shrimp." The name dates back to the time when hundreds of shrimp were seen rolling in the turbulent waters at the base of the falls.

If time allows, we'll stop at the Hauola Place of Refuge, situated at the northern end of the Hikina a ka la Heiau, which is part of Lydgate State Park. Hauola (dew of life) is one of two ancient places of refuge on Kauai. If a Hawaiian had broken a kapu or belonged to a defeated army, the goal was to gain entry to a sanctuary such as this. After going through rites conducted by priests here, they were free to return to their homes.

Throughout the tour, you'll be given ample time to shop for the perfect souvenir.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:30 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 09:30 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 10:30 AM, duration: 4 hours
  • 12:30 PM, duration: 4 hours
  • 01:30 PM, duration: 4 hours