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Joni Stone   Meet Joni, one of our travel experts for New Zealand.

Born in the Southwest, raised in the Northwest, I have called the South Pacific home for over 30 years. I founded J2 Travels in the late 1990s to share our knowledge with other like minded travelers – remembering always, that the joy is in the journey. I currently live on Maui, I'm endorsed by IATA, and am a member of the Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand Tourism Boards.

Eco Wanaka Adventures

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Eco Wanaka Adventures

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Eco Wanaka Adventures - Eco Wanaka Adventures. Copyright Eco Wanaka Adventures.

Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Wanaka followed by a unique nature walk on Mou Waho Island..

Boat cruise to the remote and magical Mou Waho Island nature reserve, which is predator–free and home to the rare flightless Buff Weka (extinct on the mainland since 1920).

A one hour return guided bush walk is included, which takes you up to reveal the island’s secret – a lake right on top of the island! Unique and very photogenic (Optional). Or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the birdlife at the beach and shelter at the island base with your own morning or afternoon tea.

We have “High Tea” on top of the island overlooking both of these lakes, where you can drink in the vibrant birdsong and the panorama of the Southern Alps spread out before us.

Plant a native tree as part of your eco-experience. This is a unique opportunity to give back to this special island and New Zealand’s environment.


Guided Hiking, Lake Cruising, Heli Hiking and Lake Fishing in our fantastic backyard.

Wanaka township on the shores of Lake Wanaka is a takeoff point for many outdoor adventures. The nearby mountains, forests, river and lake environments are a playground for locals and visitors alike. Make your visit to Wanaka more memorable by getting out there.

Eco Wanaka Adventures are specialists in guided hiking, lake cruising, and lake fishing around and on Lake Wanaka and in Mount Aspiring National Park.

Our experienced guides will show you the beauty of this alpine region, and the many special places available off-the-beaten track.