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Totems And Eagles Tour

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A Totems And Eagles Tour

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A Totems And Eagles Tour - Totems And Eagles Tour. Copyright ShoreTrips.com.


You'll know that this is not your ordinary tour guide as soon as she picks you up!

I don't know why your guide, Lois, drives around in a 1955 Chevy and listens to '50s music. I guess she just likes the car and the music. You'll like her because of her warmth, sincerity, and knowledge of the local culture.

This tour begins with a visit to Saxman Totem Village, the only totem park in Alaska that has 29 authentic totems carved by Tlingit and Haida natives. The poles were moved here from the original sites in the 1930s and have been restored by native carvers. As you stroll through the park, your guide will explain the thriving native culture and how the people lived in this awesome land long before the United States purchased Alaska. You'll learn to identify the coniferous hemlock, spruce, and cedar trees that have played important roles in Ketchikan's development.

Upon leaving the totem park, as time allows, you'll poke into some of the nooks and crannies of Lois' special places, where tour buses never roam, like a worn wooden plank street, one of Ketchikan's oldest, that yearns to reveal its history. All but forgotten, this rattling narrow plank street remains just as it was at the turn of the century...over the muddy tide flats, and ending in backyards.

Your guide will also take you to an "eagle tree." At the very top of this gigantic Sitka spruce is an aerie, as locals call it, or an eagle's nest. If you're lucky, an adult eagle may be perched on the edge of its huge nest, or perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of an eaglet!

- Collapsible wheelchairs can be accommodated. Please contact ShoreTrips in advance if you will be traveling with a collapsible wheelchair.

- This tour needs a minimum of 2 people to operate. Maximum number is 5. THIS TOUR IS VERY HARD TO GET AND MAY REQUIRE MORE THAN A FEW DAYS TO RECEIVE AVAILABILITY.
- This tour is most enjoyed by those over 12 years of age.
- This tour does not operate on July 4th.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:00 AM, duration: 3 hours
  • 11:15 AM, duration: 3 hours
  • 02:30 PM, duration: 3 hours