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Our Limon Highlights Tour

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Our Limon Highlights Tour

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Our Limon Highlights Tour - Our Limon Highlights Tour. Copyright Just a spacer


This tour combines all the best things to do in Limon.

A great, all-encompassing tour of Costa Rica! Enjoy a "6 in 1 tour" with a professional naturalist tour guide, who will introduce you to the most important aspects of the Afro-Caribbean Culture of Costa Rica, and show you the rich wildlife of this fascinating region.

First a city tour of Puerto Limon, where history records that in 1502 Christopher Columbus landed here. The country's port has much import and export traffic. The city's old quarter has the characteristics of a historical center and is currently under urban renovation with restoration of buildings and a pedestrian walkway from Parque Vargas to the market.

Then enjoy a journey through the rainforest with a 45-minute nature walk offering beautiful landscapes, various flora, and fauna as well as many opportunities to see the remarkably fascinating different frog species of Costa Rica, such as the red dart frog. If you are lucky, you will witness the popular 3 toed sloth and a variety of unique bird species such as Toucans, Oropendola, Tanagers, Hummingbirds, Kiskidees and much more! The creeks by your side and the eclectic groupings of trees surrounding you will set the perfect atmosphere to explore the beauties of Costa Rica that you always hear about.

You will also visit a Banana Plantation where many interesting facts about this amazing fruit will be explained including the crop, harvesting, processing, packing, and exportation. Costa Rica is the second largest banana producer in the world and 80% of the plantations are located in Limon province, which has become one of the most important economical activities in the region. On weekdays, you will be able to see the workers doing their job in the fields. This is a very interesting cultural experience that you can’t miss.

Now for a coastal drive where the beautiful scenery of Puerto Limon becomes the apparent attraction for its popularity. This drive stops and starts at the different highlights described in this tour.

We have all heard of the Tortuguero Canals. The best way to see the canals is by boarding your covered boat for a 60-minute leisurely cruise through the jungle canals. Your guide will show you the rain forest eco-system and point out sights of interest. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including howler monkeys, many sloths, toucans, aquatic birds, bats, and crocodiles as well as exotic flora.

Finally, enjoy the souvenir stores and shopping to help remember this day. The Caribbean is full of diversity and boasts many cultures: Afro-Costa Rican, Bribri and Cabécar, Asian, Italian and Central American, among others. Besides food, the region features a collection of cultural activities and traditions that also set it aside from the rest of the country.

This tour is designed to help you become an expert on the rich cultural heritage and ecological resources of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

- The price of lunch is not included in this program.
- If you are traveling with a wheelchair, please notify ShoreTrips at the time of booking. We cannot handle any limited mobility without advance information.
- Please note that in Costa Rica there is some confusion about ship time vs. local time. Please see your purser on your ship to clarify whether your ship changes its time to local time so you do not miss your excursion. Also check the daily itinerary which is delivered the evening before arriving into port. As each ship is ruled by its captain, it is your responsibility to confirm this while while you are sailing.

- There is a minimum of 2 passengers needed to operate this tour.
- This tour includes an easy walk through the rainforest. Please dress accordingly. The walk is approximately 3/4 mile. There are benches for rest stops.
- Contact ShoreTrips if you are interested in arranging this tour privately.
- Sorry, this trip does not operate on Christmas Day.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 08:00 AM, duration: 6 hours Please select the time that is closest to your ships arrival, even if its the same time.
  • 09:00 AM, duration: 6 hours Please select the time that is closest to your ships arrival, even if its the same time.
  • 09:30 AM, duration: 6 hours Please select the time that is closest to your ships arrival, even if its the same time.
  • 10:30 AM, duration: 6 hours Please select the time that is closest to your ships arrival, even if its the same time.
  • 11:30 AM, duration: 6 hours Please select the time that is closest to your ships arrival, even if its the same time.