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Horseback Ride Into Vallarta Jungle

Explore > Mexico > Puerto Vallarta > Horseback Ride Into Vallarta Jungle

Horseback Ride Into Vallarta Jungle

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Horseback Ride Into Vallarta Jungle - Horseback Ride Into Vallarta Jungle. Copyright Just a spacer


If you care about the horse you ride, then you have found the right place!

We never get lost! Nonetheless, when faced with complicated directions to this stable, we chose the easy way--to follow the owner. The ride alone should be a tour, as we passed through areas of Mexican daily commerce and beautiful neighborhoods that we had never seen before.

The best part, however, was the ranch itself--a gorgeous hacienda designed by the owner and nestled by the river on one side. A few feet away sat an extensive stable, surrounded by flowers. It was a lovely scene.

When you ride at this stable, you'll feel like a guest--and it's a comfortable feeling.

When you arrive, you'll be helped on to one of our beautiful quarterhorses. All of them have names that fit their character and charm, and these horses are charming! They all wear Mexican saddles, which have a large saddlehorn, "large enough to rest your beer on" (just kidding--no drinking and driving!)

The trail begins by crossing over the Pitillal River at the foothills of jungle-covered mountains. As you wind your way behind your guide, you'll catch a glimpse of a little corner of rural Puerto Vallarta often hidden from the view of the traveler. Some say it has been the same for the last 80 years. You'll pass through villages, meet some of the people, and see their rustic homes.

Your ride continues upstream, where, after a rest for about 20 minutes, you'll climb higher to a lookout spot on a mountain top. In total, you'll be crossing the river four times!

- Please bring a hat, sunscreen, and your camera. We recommend that you wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for your comfort.
- If you are staying in a hotel, you will need to take a taxi to the pickup point and back to your hotel. If you are arriving by cruise ship, you will need to take a taxi to the meeting spot, but you will be returned to your ship by the ranch's courtesy van.
- Please note that in Puerto Vallarta there is some confusion about ship time vs. local time. Please see your purser on your ship to clarify whether your ship changes its time to local time so you do not miss your excursion. As each ship is ruled by its captain, it is your responsibility to confirm this while while you are sailing.

- The weight limit to ride is 260 lbs.
- Children 5 years and older are allowed to ride. If they are 5 years old, we prefer they are led by a guide. Most children OVER 5 years old are able to go on their own horse, but they have the option of being led by one of the guides.
- This stable can accommodate most disabilities. If you have a disability, please contact ShoreTrips prior to booking.
- This tour is not available on New Years Day.

Days offered: 7 days a week

  • 09:45 AM, duration: 3.5 hours Check in time. Trip duration includes transfer time.
  • 02:45 PM, duration: 3.5 hours Check in time. Trip duration includes transfer time.